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For New Nurses: Opening the Door to a First Job

Hospitals report a high demand for nurses, but they want those with clinical experience. So how does a new nurse gain the experience needed to land that first job? The RN Transition to Practice (TTP) program helps to bridge this gap.

NYACH helps a wide range of job seekers gain training, from nurses to pharmacy technicians and home health aides, and supports access to career opportunities. Hospitals, community health centers, home care agencies, and nursing homes are among the providers served.

Registered nurses just out of school and seeking work are often surprised to see the words “no new grads” on job postings.

TTP is one of several training programs launched by the New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH). TTP gives unemployed and underemployed registered nurses the opportunity to participate in a certificate program in which they gain six months of hands-on training supported by a stipend. Nurses attend classes at Lehman College and have 24 hours a week of clinical training at a participating hospital under the supervision of a nurse preceptor.

Registered nurse Mulu Amlesom entered TTP after an unsuccessful seven-month job search. “I had the qualifications and tried my best to make myself marketable, but it didn’t work,” she says. “TTP was an opportunity to get some hands-on experience.” Like many participants, she was offered a full-time position by her TTP host hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center. Among her goals are to advance in her career and become a nurse practitioner.

NYACH helps a wide range of job seekers across the health care spectrum: from lower-wage, less-skilled workers like home health aides, to medical assistants and pharmacy technicians, to registered nurses. The providers served by NYACH include hospitals, community health centers, home care agencies, and nursing homes. 

TTP has been successful in giving new nurses the experience they need to land their first job. In the first cohorts of the program, almost 80 percent of participating nurses were hired.

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