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Transportation Careers Take Off

The time is now. The place is the airport.

(Top) Transit Tech Career and Technical Education High School seniors Jose Flores and Tyren Natty finish repairing an engine
after learning on-the-job skills at Empire Transit.  Both students were offered jobs by their employer after their internships.

(Bottom) Aviation High School senior Julian Rodriguez interned for Ground Services International at JFK.
Outcomes: 2007 - 2010
  • 10,000 job seekers helped
  • 688 enrolled in skills training
  • 280 received industry-recognized credentials
  • 2,133 were placed in transportation jobs
  • 678 incumbent workers received promotions and wage increases  
As students at a New York City vocational high school, Jose Flores and Tyren Natty held internships at Empire Transit, where they had hands-on training in repairing complex aircraft engines. After completing their internships, both students accepted job offers.

The Workforce 1 Transportation Career Center, a program inspired by the New York City Sectors Initiative, creates these invaluable opportunities for future transportation workers. While the Transportation Center is not supported by the Workforce Funders, it is a clear outgrowth of the City’s experience in the NYC Sectors Initiative that proved the value of industry-focused job training and placement programs. The Center’s goals are twofold: to identify the workforce needs of the City’s transportation companies and to provide training for less-skilled workers to qualify for these jobs, which range from baggage handling and customer service to engineering and diesel mechanics.
The Center worked closely with potential employers to learn what types of workers they needed, then developed customized job training. Current initiatives focus on air and truck transportation, passenger service, and ground transit.

It’s estimated that almost half of the transportation workforce will retire in the next ten years. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the transportation industry needs to develop a pipeline of younger, skilled workers to fill these jobs. Technical innovations in shipment tracking, transportation safety, air traffic management, and customer service have further altered the job landscape. Many positions require training and must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

The growth of the transportation system depends on developing a highly skilled workforce. More than 80 transportation companies in New York have received training and recruitment services from the Center since its launch in 2008.

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