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Tech Training for the 21st Century Economy

In the past few years New York’s technology sector has expanded rapidly, creating thousands of well-paying jobs. Despite this growth, the city’s tech companies can’t find enough skilled workers. Enter the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline—a $10 million industry partnership to recruit and train New Yorkers for technology jobs.

Students learn career-building skills through Tech Talent Pipeline's intensive Web Development Fellowship.

As technology becomes more deeply rooted into our work and our daily lives, there’s been an evolution in the technical skills people and businesses need to thrive. Nowhere is this need greater than in New York City, which is becoming one of the country’s top tech hubs. The tech industry offers something unique in the work world: well-paying jobs that don’t always require college degrees.

NYC Tech Talent Pipeline works with public and private partners to define employer needs, develop education and training solutions, and deliver talent for 21st century jobs. With more than 100 industry partners, the Tech Talent Pipeline is poised to deliver new and expanded programs providing technology education, training, and job opportunities. Among these initiatives:

  • A partnership between Microsoft and the City University of New York will create a Tech Jobs Academy.
  • Google and the Department of Youth and Community Development are working together to create a computer science education program for underserved New Yorkers.
  • The Web Development Fellowship, an intensive training program, provided free to participants. It includes a five-month on-campus training, a 12-week paid internship, and connection to technology jobs paying $65,000 or more.  

George Taveras, a participant in the NYC Web Development Fellowship

From 2003 to 2013, the New York City tech sector added 45,000 jobs, growing faster than both total New York City employment and total U.S. employment.

New Yorker George Taveras got the career boost he needed through the Tech Talent Pipeline. After graduating from high school, he tried to balance the demands of community college and work. But before too long, he had to leave school for full-time employment. As a busboy and a bar attendant in a restaurant, he earned $5 an hour plus tips.

Hoping to find a job in technology, Taveras spent his commuting time studying computer programming books. He scoured the Internet for opportunities to gain the skills he needed. When he learned about the NYC Web Development Fellowship, he quit his job to pursue his dream of becoming a full-stack developer—someone who is familiar with all layers of software development. Today, he and his former classmates are earning an average salary of $70,000.  

The technology industry will continue to have an enormous and growing impact on the City. Many tech jobs do not require a college degree and pay 45 percent higher hourly wages than other jobs with the same educational requirement.

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