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2011 New York City AIDS Fund Grants

The AIDS Fund made 17 grants totaling $820,000 for public policy & advocacy efforts, to improve the cultural competency of HIV service programs, and support primary HIV prevention programs.

$30,000 to Correctional Association of New York, to improve the monitoring of care for persons living with HIV/AID in prisons and engaging currently and formerly incarcerated individuals in advocacy.
$30,000 to God's Love We Deliver, to advocate for the inclusion of medical nutrition therapy in HIV services.

$30,000 to HIV Law Project, to advocate for increased access to confidential health services and improved sexual education for HIV positive youth.

$30,000 to Legal Action Center of the City of New York, to influence Medicaid Reform and to inform the community of the implication of Medicaid Reform on services for persons living with HIV/AIDS.


$90,000 to AIDS Community Research Initiative of America, to train HIV providers to deliver more appropriate care to persons with AIDS of diverse populations including African American and Latino men who have sex with men and Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) individuals.

$90,000 to NDRI USA, to train providers of and provide technical assistance to three HIV service agencies in efforts to provide more culturally competent care.


$50,000 to The Ali Forney Center, to provide trauma-focused case management, HIV prevention services, and online outreach for homeless LGBT youth.

$50,000 to African Services Committee, to educate African girls and their mothers living in New York City about sexual health and HIV through peer led sexual education workshops and online outreach.

$45,000 to Community Health Action of Staten Island, to provide a Peer Delivered Syringe Exchange Program and mobile health unit for high risk intravenous drug users and men who have sex with men in Staten Island.

$50,000 to Community Healthcare Network, to provide psychosocial services for transgender individuals at great risk for HIV.

$50,000 to Greenhope Services for Women, to educate African American and Latina female offenders and ex-offenders on effective HIV reduction strategies.

$50,000 to Iris House: A Center for Women Living with HIV, to encourage safe sex and condom usage among minority males in efforts to reduce the rate of HIV infection in young African American women and Latinas.

$50,000 to The Osborne Association, to provide HIV prevention education and activities to help women who partner with incarcerated or formerly incarcerated men make healthy choices.

$50,000 to the Peter Cicchino Youth Project at the Urban Justice Center, to provide homeless and street involved LGBT youth with “Know Your Rights” workshops, and advocate on legal issues.

$50,000 to Red Hook Initiative, to provide educational workshops, one-on-one street outreach sessions, HIV testing, and health screenings to high risk minority youth in schools, parks and streets throughout Brooklyn.

$50,000 to Sylvia Rivera Law Project, to provide direct legal services and “Know Your Rights” trainings to low-income transgender communities.

$25,000 to Trinity Community Connections, to provide transitional housing and harm reduction workshops for homeless LGBT youth.

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