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2012 New York City AIDS Fund Grants

The NYC AIDS Fund made 17 grants totaling $820,000 for HIV prevention, advocacy, and public policy; and to improve the cultural competency of HIV service providers.

Advocacy and Public Policy

Correctional Association of New York, $30,000 to monitor implementation of HIV and Hepatitis C health care in State prisons.

God’s Love We Deliver, $30,000 to advocate for the inclusion of food and nutrition as a core medical service for people with AIDS.

HIV Law Project, $30,000 to advocate for confidential HIV testing policies and health services for HIV positive and at-risk youth.

Legal Action Center of the City of New York, $30,000 to ensure that Medicaid reforms in New York State incorporate appropriate policies for people with AIDS and HIV.  

Improving Cultural Competency of HIV Service Providers

AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA), $90,000 to train organizations serving people with HIV and AIDS to provide culturally competent care.  

NDRI USA, $90,000 to train three health organizations serving people with AIDS to provide culturally competent care.

HIV Prevention

Ali Forney Center, $50,000 for HIV prevention and case management services for homeless lesbian, gay, and transgender youth.  

African Services Committee, $50,000 for HIV prevention and referral to health services for immigrant women and girls from Africa.   

Community Health Action of Staten Island, $45,000 to expand HIV testing and syringe exchange on Staten Island for men who inject drugs.  

Community Healthcare Network, $50,000 for HIV prevention and psychosocial services for transgender individuals at great risk for HIV.

Greenhope Services for Women, $50,000 to educate African-American female and Latina ex-offenders about effective HIV prevention methods.

Iris House: A Center for Women Living with HIV, $50,000 to encourage safe sex and condom use among minority heterosexual men.

Osborne Association, $50,000 for an HIV prevention program for female partners of men being discharged from correctional facilities.  

Peter Cicchino Youth Project at the Urban Justice Center, $50,000
for HIV prevention and referral to support services for homeless lesbian, gay, and transgender youth.  

Red Hook Initiative, $50,000 for an HIV prevention and testing program for high-risk minority youth in Brooklyn.

Sylvia Rivera Law Project, $50,000 for HIV prevention and assistance with applying for support services for low-income, transgender individuals.

Trinity Community Connections, $25,000 for HIV prevention and harm reduction workshops for homeless lesbian, gay, and transgender youth.

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