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Big Boost for Preschoolers -- Once in a Private Foundation, a Gift Shapes Kids’ Futures

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What children experience during their first five years has a lifelong impact on their social, emotional, and intellectual development. Unfortunately, many poor families in the City struggle to find preschools, child care, and medical services for their infants and young children. 

We’re giving $50,000 to the Child Care and Early Education Fund to help New York City improve and expand free early childhood services for low-income families. The Fund also supports continuing education for teachers, and works to improve policies and funding for these early childhood programs.

Charles Henry Leach II helped make this possible. An investor and native New Yorker, he created a private foundation devoted to helping needy children, among other causes. He determined that the foundation should be dissolved 21 years after his death. That led to a fund in his name in The New York Community Trust to benefit the causes he cared about now and in the future. 

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