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A New Yorker Who Went Blind Helps Others With Vision Loss

BRIGHT FUTURE: Dixie Sanderson on the shore of Long Island Sound with her guide dog, Jayla. My Blind Spot, a nonprofit supported by The Trust, helped her get back to bookkeeping after she lost her sight.

GIVING BACK | June 2017 Newsletter

Dixie Sanderson, a bookkeeper in Guilford, Connecticut, lost her sight at age 41. She wanted to continue at her job, but the QuickBooks software she used didn’t work for people with visual impairments.

Enter Albert Rizzi, an entrepreneur who became blind mid-career, then founded My Blind Spot. The nonprofit ensures digital accessibility for people of all abilities—by promoting inclusive technologies and corporate culture.

After Rizzi met Sanderson, My Blind Spot got Intuit to make QuickBooks fully accessible.

Fortunately, David Warfield, a vaudeville actor, created a fund in The Trust in 1951 to help those with visual disabilities.

Today, we’re using his bequest to fund My Blind Spot to train many people like Sanderson. 

Sanderson is on the job again. And because of David Warfield’s generosity, more New Yorkers will join her.

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