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A Fierce Commitment to Women and Girls Lives On

October 2017 | Results Newsletter

A flexible fund adapts to a changing world

In the late 19th century, Mildred Anna Williams had a difficult childhood, so as an adult she was determined to ease the way for others. In her will, she created a fund in The Trust to help girls and young women. For more than 65 years, we’ve used her generous gift to support hundreds of programs for New Yorkers. Three examples:

SPORTS FOR GIRLS: The Figure Skating in Harlem program has nurtured Tanay Davis, 17, (right) for a decade. Now she’s headed to Howard University on a full scholarship. Thousands of girls like her have learned to skate—exulting in leadership and academics. 

“When I first put skates on at age 7, it was endless hard work: sweat from 6 a.m. rehearsals,  tears from not reaching my goals, falling down a lot. But the sisterhood at Figure Skating in Harlem always helped me get back up.” — Tanay Davis

STRONGER SEX-TRAFFICKING LAWS: In 2006, we supported efforts by Equality Now to win passage of a tough state law that would imprison sex and labor traffickers for up to 25 years. The group also assists victims, often teen girls, with health care, emergency housing, and job training. 

NEW HEALTH CLINICS: Reacting to troubling teen pregnancy rates, The Trust helped Planned Parenthood of NYC open a clinic on Staten Island in 2012 and one in Queens in 2014. 

POWER OF PERMANENCE: Growth and giving of the Mildred Anna Williams Fund

  • Fund value when founded in 1940: $2 million
  • Grants made from fund to date: $35.4 million
  • Current value of fund as of 6/30/17: $24.4 million

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