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For more than 90 years, The New York Community Trust has been taking on tough problems to improve the quality of life in New York, by supporting nonprofits that speak to the charitable passions of our generous donors. Our donors set up funds during their lifetimes or in their wills.

What do you care about? Improving education, the arts, the environment? Or helping children, the elderly, gays and lesbians, veterans, the sick or the homeless? The Trust can help you support the causes you love. Forever.

Contact Jane Wilton today at 212.686.2563 or to learn more.

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Video Credits

LISA GOSSELS, Director, Producer, Co-Editor
DAVID L. MARCUS, Executive Producer
AMY WOLF, Assistant Producer
KURT OSSENFORT, Cinematographer, Sound Mixer


  • LORIE SLUTSKY, President, New York Community Trust
  • SHARON COHEN, Founder and Executive Director of Figure Skating in Harlem
  • ILTIMAS DOHA, Participant in Eyebeam’s Playable Fashion after school program, part of HIVE NYC
  • NORMA NEGRON, Participating Senior at Carter Burden's Leonard Covello Center

Still Photography

(listed chronologically)

  • A LITTLE KINDNESS: Creative Commons
  • APPLY NOW: A nursing candidate speaks with a recruiter in the offices of Workforce1 Health Care Career Center. Photo by Ari Mintz/The New York Community Trust
  • MOBILE MARKET: A City Harvest mobile food pantry, supported by The Trust.
  • PROGRAM OFFICERS:  Trust staff discusses grant proposals. Photo by Nicole Hensley/The New York Community Trust
  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Grantee New Economy Project holds a forum to discuss use of Community Land Trusts as a way of developing more affordable housing in New York City.
  • FACING FORWARD: A grant to myFace provides psychiatric and social support to individuals with facial deformities. Photo by Saulo Villela  
  • ON THE INTREPID: These girls take part in a science and engineering program at the Intrepid Museum, thanks in part to Trust grants. Photo by Amy Wolf/The New York Community Trust
  • ON ICE: Sharon Cohen, founder and executive director of Figure Skating in Harlem trains a participant in her program.
  • SITE VISIT: President Lorie Slutsky, board members, and others in Freshkills Park on Staten Island. A Trust grant helps transform this landfill into one of the City’s largest parks. Photo by Amy Wolf/The New York Community Trust
  • NEW YORK HARBOR: Photo courtesy of grantee Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance.
  • NYC NEIGHBORHOODS: Trust grants fund the Citizens Committee for New York City’s Love Your Block Competition, which has distributed funding and resources to hundreds of neighborhood groups throughout the City.
  • OUT OF THE SHADOWS: The Trust was the first foundation to help immigrant groups get young New Yorkers to apply for a federal program that lets them work and go to school without fear of deportation. Damayan Migrant Workers Association is enrolling Filipino girls and young women. Photo by Riya Ortiz
  • LOCAL DEMAND MEETS LOCAL SUPPLY: Grants to Natural Resources Defense Council support work to create a wholesale local farmers’ market for the City. In addition to bolstering the regional economy, produce purchased and delivered in bulk (shown here) is more affordable.


All tracks licensed through Audiosocket:

"IRIS" by Travis Geer
"GLIDE NO DRUMS" by Blindfold
"MILK FACE" by Sarah Schachner
"ASLEEP ON A BUS NEAR" Lowell by Crushed Stars

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