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Past Winners of the Ashmead Award

2016 | Caitlin McKenna
Editor at Random House

2015 | Hannah Wood
An associate editor at Harper then promoted to an editor.

2014 | Miriam Chotiner-Gardner 
An editorial assistant at The Crown Publishing Group then promoted to an associate editor.
2013 | Jessica Williams
An associate editor at William Morrow, now an editor.

2012 | Michael Szczerban
Formerly an editor at Simon & Schuster, currently an executive editor at Little, Brown.  
2011 | Whitney Frick
Formerly an editor at Scribner, now a executive editor at Flatiron Books. 

Above: Larry Ashmead

The Ashmead Award

Recognizing talented editors in book publishing

The Ashmead Award, honoring legendary book editor Larry Ashmead, is designed to nurture the career of a promising young editor in the field of book publishing, as an effort to recognize and continue the tradition of Larry’s long and honorable history of mentoring young editors and helping them develop their careers in publishing.

Awarded to one editor each year, the Ashmead Award continues Larry's tradition of apprenticeship by sending each year’s winner to a recognized educational publishing venue. 

The winner attends the Yale Publishing Course, held every summer in New Haven, Connecticut. The Ashmead Award also provides the winner with access to a distinguished advisory committee consisting of preeminent authors, editors, and agents in the publishing community.

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About Larry Ashmead

From the New York Times: "(Ashmead) got a job as an editorial assistant at Doubleday, where his boss gave him a manuscript by (Isaac) Asimov. Mr. Ashmead leaned on his scientific background to find error upon error. Asimov showed the young man he was wrong virtually every time, but said he had never had anyone pay such close attention to a manuscript. He asked Mr. Ashmead to be his editor.
"Mr. Ashmead went from Doubleday to Simon & Schuster to Lippincott, which merged with Harper & Row. It later became HarperCollins after Harper merged with William Collins Sons & Company.
"Mr. Ashmead retired from HarperCollins in 2003. He wrote a book in 2007 called “Bertha Venation: And Hundreds of Other Funny Names of Real People.” The names he unearthed included Penny Hoare, Hedda Lettuce and Quentin Cucumber."

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If there is a bright young editor at your publishing house whose work thus far indicates he or she has a flair for book publishing, we want to know! 
INSTRUCTIONS: In order to continue Larry's legacy of mentoring, this editor will, ideally, have approximately 4 to 5 years experience in publishing. An excellent candidate is a young assistant or associate editor who has begun to acquire a list but is still in need of mentoring from more experienced editors. In the field below, please tell us your experiences with this editor, any books he or she may have acquired or edited, and what about your candidate has impressed you most. The nominee need not be your direct report. To nominate someone, fill out the form below. Feel free to include as much detail as is necessary, so we can really get to know your candidate.

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