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Appointment of Fund Advisors

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At any time, the creator of a donor-advised fund (the "founder") may appoint other people, such as relatives, friends, or trusted business associates, as advisors to suggest grants from the fund. Advisors, however, may not appoint other advisors. The founder may also revoke an advisor's privilege, designate a different advisor, or choose not to name any advisors.

Advisors have the same privilege of making grant recommendations as the founder. An advisor may request grants from income or principal (to the extent the fund agreement permits) without the consent of other advisors or the further consent of the founder. It is the responsibility of the advisors to communicate with one another. Unless otherwise requested by the founder, all advisors receive quarterly statements and other standard mailings from The Trust.

The founder may specify that an advisor is to serve only upon the death or incapacity of the founder. This type of advisor is called a "successor advisor." A successor-advisor may not appoint other advisors or successor-advisors.

A founder of a fund who wishes to appoint advisors should complete and sign the form. You may attach additional sheets as necessary. If a fund has more than one advisor, please state on the grant recommendation form when a particular individual has suggested a grant so that the correct advisor can be properly recognized. It is the responsibility of the founder or the advisors to inform us of address changes.

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