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Suggesting a Grant

First, let us know which nonprofits you would like to support in one of the following ways:

  • Send them in writing to The New York Community Trust, 909 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022,
  • Fax them to 212-532-8528, Attn: Donor Relations, or
  • Submit them online via MyNYCT.

If you need the form to suggest a grant, please download it here as a word doc, or here as a PDF, or request it from Maggie Murphy at (212) 686-0010 x353.

If you want access to MyNYCT, please contact Gay Young at (212) 686-0010 x377.or Maggie Murphy at x353.

The Trust then takes your suggestion and makes sure that the charities suggested are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt charities and that they meet our standards for responsible management and effective programs.

Then, if the organization passes muster, as most of them do, the grant is made in your fund's name, and you receive notification typically within one week.

In your grant suggestion, please include:

  • Name and address of the charity
  • Amount of the proposed grant ($250 or more)
  • Purpose of the grant (general support or a specific project)
  • Contact person at the charity (optional)

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