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December 2013 | Grants Newsletter

Memo from Donor Katherine Roome

Katherine Roome

Chair of Agricultural Stewardship Association, Greenwich, NY; former Vice President and Associate General Counsel at the McGraw-Hill Companies





When I was a girl in northern Westchester, there were plenty of working farms. I watched them all disappear. It was heartbreaking. Now I’m working to make sure this doesn’t happen to my community. Every 3.5 days, New York State loses a farm to development.

In my part of the Hudson Valley, we have great soil and water. We also have tractor dealers, veterinarians, slaughter houses—infrastructure you can’t take for granted.

I’ve always given to conservation groups, but saving farmland is especially crucial. At the Agricultural Stewardship Association, we help property owners protect valuable farmland and transfer their farms to the next generation. We also introduce kids to conserved farms. They leave with fresh produce, then learn how to cook it in our camp programs.

Finding markets for this local food is key. I’m thrilled The New York Community Trust is behind efforts to put a permanent wholesale farmers market in the City. For some farmers, a steady demand for upstate produce will make the difference between staying on the land or selling to developers. It’s that simple.


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