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Our Donors: The Heart of The Trust


Kate McLeod

"New York has been my nirvana. I’m so happy to be
able to give back."

Bill Witkin

"My family values the work The Trust does on our behalf in the areas of education and the environment. It helps turn our interest into action."

Kate Weingarten

“I want to help nonprofits run efficiently and deliver on their missions.”

Jay and Nancy Talbot

"Instead of hitting the 'default mode' and giving to large charities, we learn about smaller nonprofits making a difference, something we could never do on our own."


The Wellmet Group

"We've met extraordinary people doing amazing things in unbearable conditions."

Susan Berresford

"Each of us who values the freedom to give according to our interests and passions, and for long or short periods, should do whatever we can to ensure the protection of these essentials of personal giving. The Trust helps me do that, as I am sure it does for others." Watch the video >>

Michael Sasse

“I hope more people realize that they too can be part of the philanthropic community without being a billionaire. (Remember when it was a real big deal to be a millionaire?)”

Watch the video >>


Bob Kaufman

Bob Kaufman is a man on a mission—or, more accurately, many missions—from extending the benefits of the legal system to ensuring the equality of women in the military.

Peter G. Peterson

"My wife, Joan Ganz Cooney, and I have been delighted with our long relationship with The Trust, which dates from the '70s. In fact, as checkered as my career has been, I can say that The Trust has been one of the constants. Sure, steady, reliable — a sound charitable investment."

Judith Turkel: T&E Attorney and Donor

"I feel confident referring my clients to The Trust," said Turkel. "It's an old and secure institution, with a highly competent, informed, and caring staff. And they are particularly receptive and sensitive to the needs of our LGBT clients. I am so confident of their professionalism that my domestic partner and I have set up our own fund to receive our retirement assets when they're no longer needed."


William Donnell

"I'm interested in many of the City's problems and opportunities: the arts, health care, gay and lesbian rights, kids, schools, the homeless, preserving great architecture... In due time, a good portion of my estate will go to The Trust because I believe these people are uniquely qualified to address New York's needs."

Dorothy Marks

"The largest position in my portfolio is a stock that sells for more per share than I might want to give to any one organization at one time, so in order to be able to split it up and support more causes, my lawyer suggested that I set up a fund at The Trust.  I thought this was a great idea, and I have been very happy with it."

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