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For Current Donors

Our goal is to make it easy for you to give—and it's a goal we work hard to meet. You can expect us to:

  • process your grant suggestions from your charitable fund carefully,
  • ensure that the nonprofits you are supporting are financially and programatically sound, 
  • fill you in on charitable needs and activities in the City,
  • work with you to tailor a grant program,
  • and help you endow a fund using a charitable bequest to create a permanent legacy that never stops giving.

We also offer MyNYCT, a free service that provides fund advisors a place to manage their funds online. You can submit grant suggestions, check your fund balances, and find out the status of grant suggestions. Contact Gay Young to get started.

Create Your Own Permanent Philanthropic Legacy

A grant of $1,300,000 to United Neighborhood Houses of New York helped sustain early childhood and after-school programs for youth, senior centers, adult education, and job workshops. This young lady is planting a butterfly garden as part of UNH's After School Conservation Club.

A bequest could be the most important charitable gift you ever make, for several reasons:

  • Your gift does good forever because it permanently endows a fund.
  • It's painless, to you and yours. You can give what's left, after your heirs are cared for.
  • We firmly (sometimes even ferociously) honor your charitable intentions.
  • Your field-of-interest or unrestricted gift will always address urgent, contemporary needs.

Funds that were set up generations ago are now supporting efforts to improve public schools, put people to work, rebuild communities, and strengthen families. As New York changes, so do our grants. You can learn about what those funds are doing today by reading our Grants Newsletter.

Through your will, you can set up an endowed fund or add to an existing fund. If you have a donor-advised fund with us, any assets remaining after your lifetime will be used to meet contemporary needs in the City. To learn more, download our guide to creating a permanent philanthropic legacy>>

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