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Grant Guidelines

Children, Youth & Families

Girls & Young Women

Program goal: To improve conditions and opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged, particularly minorities and young, single mothers.

We fund projects that:

Prepare girls and young women for economic self-sufficiency by:

  • Providing the economic and personal support necessary to gain access to jobs (e.g., child care, education, training); and
  • Promoting innovative ways to include indigent and vulnerable young women in the workplace.

Reduce the effects of health and social problems that threaten the lives and well-being of girls and young women through direct services and policy and advocacy efforts. Particular emphasis is placed on projects addressing the issues of teen pregnancy, homelessness, and AIDS.

Hunger & Homelessness

Program goals: To improve the institutions serving people who are homeless and hungry and to promote the independence and reintegration into society of homeless families and adults.

We fund projects that:

  • Conduct policy analyses, needs assessments, and advocacy to increase public understanding of hunger and homelessness, and to improve funding and services.
  • Prepare homeless heads of household and other adults for economic self-sufficiency through education, employment and training programs, and related support services.
  • Increase the capacity of community organizations to integrate relocated formerly homeless families into their neighborhoods.

Social Services & Welfare

Program goals: To help poor families become more self-sufficient and to preserve the safety of the most vulnerable children.

We fund efforts that:

  • Link social service agencies with employment programs and provide the support to help poor people get access to and keep jobs (e.g., training, child care, placement assistance).
  • Safeguard the welfare of children through services and advocacy.
  • Monitor and document the effects of policy and program changes on poor children, families, and communities, and their implications for social work practice.
  • Enhance the capacity of social service agencies to deliver quality services.

Priority is given to projects that:

  • Have specific plans for achieving and documenting results in a specified time period.
  • Serve the neediest neighborhoods.
  • Employ multidisciplinary, collaborative approaches that build on efforts where comprehensive neighborhood planning structures.

    Note: The Trust will not longer be making Social Work Faculty grants.

Youth Development

Program goal: To help young people (up to age 24) become better prepared for adulthood. Resources are targeted to low-income neighborhoods where disadvantaged, minority, and poor youth face the most serious obstacles.

We fund projects that:

Help the hardest-to-reach youth assume leadership roles and prepare for careers and long-term self-sufficiency, particularly:

  • Youth involved in the juvenile justice system,
  • Immigrant youth,
  • Youth in foster care, and
  • Youth organizations, giving them technical assistance to build program capacity and monitor outcomes.

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