Don’t just give.
Solve. Today and forever.

What do you love?

Create your own charitable legacy—a fund that will make gifts in your name to help the causes you love. Forever.

When you create a permanent fund in The New York Community Trust, it's a commitment to the things you love, and the generations to follow. It’s a promise that they'll have the resources to test ideas, deal with emergencies, and make New York better for everyone. It lets you boost the arts, or protect green space, or support job training, or meet other needs.

Why a permanent fund?

It’s painless. You can even give what’s left after your heirs are cared for. Or leave a specific amount or percentage in your will. Or leave your “residuary” estate—what’s left after other designated gifts have been made.

Donors who have a private foundation, or are considering one, find they can make a difference with far fewer headaches (worrying about succession, replacing trustees, hiring staff, children losing interest or disagreeing). 

Planned gifts

Many planned gifts allow a tax advantage to you now, for the commitment of a charitable gift later. Two popular options:

  • Charitable remainder trusts allow you to receive income (or provide income for another person). When the trust finishes, we'll use the remaining assets to support your charitable interests.
  • Charitable lead trusts enable you to make significant charitable gifts for a period of years, then transfer assets to beneficiaries. They may benefit from significantly lower gift and estate taxes.

Why The New York Community Trust?

  • The Trust honors your charitable intentions. Each grant is checked to ensure that it meets the donor’s purpose. New Yorkers have trusted us since 1924.
  • Our stewardship is personal. We manage the impact of your philanthropy, not just the money.
  • Grants from your fund go to nonprofits that meet high standards. We give to the best, most effective charities in New York and its suburbs. We also find those with great promise that try untested projects.

Questions about your charitable giving? 

Contact Jane Wilton at (212) 686-2563.

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The New York Community Trust is a 501(c)3 public charity.