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October 2014 | Results Newsletter

A Reduction in Hospital Readmissions

DISCHARGE PLANNING: Patients coming home from the hospital often need the right care and medications to avoid being hospitalized again. Here, a wife cares for her husband. Photo by Sean Dreilinger / Creative Commons



Brooklyn Hospital Center, New York Methodist Hospital, St. Barnabas Hospital, and St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center
$50,000 to each | 2012

When heart patients leave the hospital without the right medicines, equipment, or instructions, high blood pressure or palpitations can land them back there soon—leaving lives turned upside down, and taxpayers with huge Medicare and Medicaid costs.

Working with United Hospital Fund, our grants address this problem. Hospitals worked to gather more detailed patient information at admission, communicate better with primary care doctors, and give free medications and clear instructions at discharge.

One example that’s attracting attention: Using our grant, St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx decreased readmissions by 11 percent.

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