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October 2010

Results In Brief

Beyond Pesticides ($65,000, 2006) won adoption of landmark State policy to use as few pesticides as possible in State parks. First, the organization wrote and released a report, Ending Toxic Dependency, which was used by New York State to compare its current pesticide use to Beyond Pesticides’ recommendations. Governor Paterson then issued an executive order to reduce pesticide use on State land. In 2009, New York State Parks Commissioner Carol Ash implemented the policy in state parks and historic sites—the first major effort of its kind in the nation.

A teacher at a Friends of Materials for the Arts summer institute creates a costume made of salvaged materials.
Friends of Materials for the Arts ($120,000, 2005–2008) trained nearly 1,000 teachers to use salvaged cloth, wood, paper, and trimmings into math, science, social studies, and English classes.

Harlem Children Society ($370,000, 2004–2008) paired 806 motivated black and Latino high school students and 57 college students from poor neighborhoods with research scientists for summer-long projects at institutions including Columbia and Rockefeller universities, the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Six students were selected to participate in an aeronautical and engineering program at the Florida Space Institute. One hundred students continued their work during the 2008 academic year, and five students presented their research at the American Chemical Society’s annual conference.

Literacy Assistance Center ($125,000, 2009) started GED COMPASS in July of 2010, a new web portal that allows people who want to take the General Educational Development exam to find and reserve test seats online, and offers a directory of free and affordable test preparation courses searchable by zip code.

LawHelp/NY ($175,000, 2006–2010) developed a multi-lingual section of its online clearinghouse of legal services, information, and other resources specifically for immigrants. Foreign-language use of the website increased from 22,000 page views in the first year of the grant to 94,000 in the third.

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