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October 2013 | Grants Results

Future in Focus

“Before, I read things with blurry vision, but since I got a free pair of glasses, I am able to see the world clearly.”

—A 6th-grader at P.S. 295 in Queens
When a textbook, blackboard, or screen looks fuzzy, students fall behind and grades drop. But many children don’t know any different, or are aware of their family’s money troubles and don’t mention their vision problems.

Since 2006, The Trust has helped expand Helen Keller International’s ChildSight program, which provides free testing, glasses, and referrals to optometrists. With Trust grants totaling $295,000, the program set up screening hubs to target students at schools and alternative learning centers with many immigrants and low-income students. In the past seven years, the program has screened more than 152,200 City students and provided 24,299 free glasses.

Many of these young people have free glasses thanks to the generosity of David Warfield, a Broadway and vaudeville actor who was blind at the time of his death in 1951. In his will, he created the David Warfield Fund in The New York Community Trust to prevent blindness and help those with vision problems.

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