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QUIZ: What’s Your Charity IQ?

1. Approximately how many public charities call New York City and its suburbs home?

  • a. 10,000
  • b. 21,000
  • c. 44,000

2. Individuals, families, and companies have set up more than 2,100 charitable funds in The Trust. These donors include:

  • a. A founder of a private equity firm
  • b. A taxi driver
  • c. A professional golfer
  • d. A registered nurse
  • e. A Rockefeller
  • f. All of the above

3. Only one of these charities is real. Which one?

  • a. Disabled Veterans of America
  • b. Long Island Responds
  • c. GallopNYC
  • d. New Jersey Youth Club

4. Residents of which borough give more to charity, Brooklyn or Queens?

5. You can use a community foundation like The New York Community Trust to:

  • a. Streamline your charitable giving and eliminate paperwork
  • b. Support the causes you love in your will
  • c. Learn about effective nonprofits working on the issues you care about
  • d. Meet other charitable New Yorkers at donor events
  • e. Get your family involved in philanthropy
  • f. Turn copyrights, artwork, and other assets into charitable gifts
  • g. All of the above


1. Answer: (c) The latest number of nonprofits in the NY metro area is about 44,000, including 31,000 in the five boroughs. These figures include public charities such as hospitals, community groups, and churches, but not private foundations. New York’s nonprofit sector is vast and ever-changing. We can help you find the most effective groups.

2. Answer: (f) All of the above. Donors of all kinds use The Trust. We have funds that were started with $75 million, but our minimum to start a fund is $5,000.

3. Answer: (c) GallopNYC is a real group (with our support, it helps riders with disabilities and provides a comfortable home for retired horses). The other three groups are fraudulent and are not IRS registered tax-exempt organizations, yet they have solicited charitable contributions from other groups. At The Trust, we make sure grants go to legitimate groups with sound finances and governance.

4. Answer: Brooklyn residents gave almost double what Queens did: $1.5 billion to $826 million in the latest year available (2013).

5. Answer: (g) Community foundations like ours are expert in finding the right charitable solution for every donor. There’s a reason why referrals from our current donors are our biggest source of new funds.

Your score:

  • 5 questions right? You’re a nonprofit guru!
  • 1-4 questions right? Come to our donor briefings to learn more.
Sources: Charity Navigator; National Center for Charitable Statistics; New York State Charities Bureau

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