Don’t just give.
Solve. Today and forever.

You know that great feeling you get
when your generosity helps make things better?

SHE LOVED QUEENS: Ruth Leffler created a fund in The Trust to benefit her native borough. With it, we've funded dozens of great groups in Queens, including Rockaway Waterfront Alliance's work to organize these girls and others to help clean up local beaches. 

So do we. Together, we can get results.

If you want to feed the hungry, educate kids, protect our environment, nourish the arts, revitalize neighborhoods, or [you choose the goal], we can help.

We work with nonprofits, other funders, and government to craft and jump-start solutions to problems.

We can help you give effectively.

You can create a fund now or as part of an estate plan—or both. We offer as much—or as little—assistance as you want with your charitable giving. Learn more about setting up a fund.




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