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Unrestricted Funds

Eleanor Belmont's Legacy

She was an actress who inspired Shaw's "Major Barbara" and the wife of financier August Belmont. She named a Triple Crown winner and founded the Metropolitan Opera Guild. And she cared passionately about New Yorkers who didn't have the advantages she had. She left her estate to The Trust, and today, grants from our Belmont Fund help showcase young musicians, locate homes for the homeless, and match volunteers with those who need them. Order a copy of her biographical brochure to learn more.

Predicting the Future is a Risky Business.

If you want your philanthropy to continue after your lifetime, you need to know that it will meet the unimagined needs of generations to come.

An Unrestricted Fund is Your Insurance That Your Generosity Will Remain Relevant.

Future Trust boards and staff—who have a tradition of excellence to stand on—will make grants in your name in perpetuity that deal effectively with contemporary problems.

You Can Set Up An Unrestricted Fund Now.

If you want to give back to the City, but don't have the time to research the thousands of nonprofits that work here, our grantmaking staff is happy to do the legwork for you. We know the many needs in the City, and we know where private money can make a real difference. After our board approves grants, we'll let you know where they went.

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