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National and International Environmental Grantmaking

The Trust is fortunate to have the Henry Phillip Kraft Family Memorial Fund, whose purpose is to support environmental projects of national and international significance, and supplements our local environmental grantmaking.

Grants from the Kraft Fund are made to:

Mitigate climate change by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, reducing transportation-related emissions, modernizing the grid, and minimizing the impacts of fossil fuel-related activities.

Make communities, especially the most disadvantaged, more resilient to a changing climate by improving infrastructure, protecting shorelines with natural barriers, encouraging more sustainable building design and land use, and promoting better preparation for weather-related emergencies.

Protect public health from the hazards of toxic pollutants, especially for low-income and other vulnerable people, by supporting targeted scientific research, promoting safer chemical and heavy metal policies and practices, eliminating toxic chemicals from products, and enhancing protections for low-income communities near polluting facilities.

Preserve biological diversity through habitat conservation by establishing and enhancing migratory corridors, and ensuring that species can move safely between fragmented habitat.

Internationally, we will support only U.S.-based organizations that are building the capacity of government, academic institutions, private sector entities, and nonprofits to protect biodiversity, improve environmental health, and reduce greenhouse gases around the world.

To Apply 

Applicants must upload a Letter of Interest (LOI) to a dedicated LOI portal during three-week periods in late September and February. In 2018, LOI submission windows will open on February 26th and September 17th. These LOIs must be no more than four pages and include a description of the project, proposed activities, and a preliminary budget. For more information, please visit the grant portal. 

NOTE: For the LOI submission window that opens on February 26th, 2018, we are particularly interested in reviewing LOIs focused on environmental health.

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