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Grantmaking Guidelines

Here you will find information on the goals of our grantmaking program, the kinds of projects eligible for support, and the procedures to follow in making a request.

Please review these materials carefully and submit your proposal in the format we request. Note that we DO NOT accept proposals by e-mail. We encourage you to apply to other foundations as well. While we would like to support all the good and important work carried out by the City's nonprofits, we review far more proposals than we can fund.

Each of our four program areas is divided into funding categories. A general overview of each of these areas follows. For a detailed look at each of the categories, click on the links in blue.

For grants to universities and affiliated academic centers, overhead costs for grant administration may not exceed five percent of the total project budget.  Administrative costs related to carrying out the proposed grant activities, including space, supplies, and technology for project staff, are not subject to the five percent limit, and should be identified separately in the proposed budget. For further information, please contact Liza Lagunoff.

Step-by-step instructions on how to apply>>

Children, Youth, and Families
There are a host of interrelated problems plaguing New York's poor children and families, such as homelessness, family violence, and substance abuse. We work with government and private agencies to develop the strengths of families and young people; to improve their living and working conditions; to improve family and child welfare services; and to advance social work practice.

Our grants fall within the following funding categories:

  • Youth Development    
  • Girls & Young Women
  • Hunger & Homelessness
  • Social Services & Welfare

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Community Development and the Environment
Nonprofits and the government are being asked to use their shrinking resources to deal with increasingly complicated problems. The Trust focuses on relieving New York's chronic shortage of affordable housing, strengthening the local economy, putting people to work, and protecting our environment, both locally and globally. We support community agencies working on these issues at the neighborhood level, and government and nonprofit institutions developing strategies for the City as a whole. To underpin these and all our programs, we support efforts to improve the functioning of nonprofits and government.

Our grants fall within the following categories: 

  • Civic Affairs
  • Community Development
  • Conservation and the Environment
  • Technical Assistance
  • Jobs and Workforce Development

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Arts, Education, and Human Justice
Strong systems of education and justice, and vibrant cultural resources are the hallmarks of a civilized society. The Trust is concerned that public schools are not meeting the needs of our children; arts organizations in our city are financially strapped; and institutions of justice are not serving everyone equally.

We concentrate on projects that improve New York City's public schools; promote diversity, equity, and access in the arts; and advocate for the rights of all people.

Our grants fall within the following funding categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Historic Preservation
  • Human Justice

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Healthy Lives
As health care changes, we’re helping providers deliver efficient, cost-effective services to all New Yorkers. The Trust supports projects that strengthen health care providers, address costs and health disparities, and develop the skills and independence of people with special needs. Read strategies in these areas here>>

Our grants fall within the following funding categories:

  • Health and Behavioral Health
  • People with Special Needs
    • The elderly
    • Children and youth with disabilities
    • Blindness and visual disabilities
    • Developmental disabilities
  • Biomedical Research
  • Animal Welfare

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Special Projects
In addition to the categories above, The Trust also makes grants through our special projects and donor collaboratives.

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