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December 2015 Newsletter

Her bequest changes lives. Daily.

FIRST IN QUEENS: (Above) The new Planned Parenthood clinic in Long Island City. Photo by Michael Moran. (Right) Mildred Anna Williams

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Mildred Anna Williams traveled the world as an adult, but she never forgot the hardships of her childhood.

In her will, she left a large part of her estate to The Trust to help poor and disadvantaged girls and young women improve their lives. Since 1940, her fund has helped thousands of them across New York.

These days, teen pregnancy is part of a cycle of poverty that destroys the dreams of girls and their families. That’s why we recently used our Mildred Anna Williams Fund to help Planned Parenthood open its first Queens clinic—in Long Island City. Incredibly, 63 percent of pregnancies in Queens are unintended, and sexually transmitted disease rates are far above the national average. Now we’re giving this new clinic an additional $125,000 to provide birth control, reproductive counseling, and other help so girls and young women can stay healthy and become educated. Just as Mildred Anna Williams wanted. 

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