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August 2013 / Postcard from Camp

My Summer on an Aircraft Carrier

Audrey Lee
By Audrey Lee, 15
Incoming sophomore, Stuyvesant High School

I had a summer of “firsts.” It’s all because I responded to a flier at my Queens middle school for a free summer science, math, and technology program for girls called GOALS, run by the Intrepid Sea & Air Museum. It began with an interview where I told them about my interests. That was cool—my first interview.

We made hot air balloons at the Intrepid, visited the Museum of Natural History, and went to an engineering workshop at Rutgers University. We caught and released sea creatures in Jamaica Bay, and even designed and made clothes. My favorite activity: a guided tour of the Space Shuttle Enterprise, where we learned what it’s like to be in space.

I got to meet women biologists, engineers, and astronomers. I think times are changing. Women are getting a lot more powerful. I might want to be a veterinarian or work in the technology sector.

A surprise of camp was meeting lots of girls from all over the City and making lots of friends. At the start, I was the most shy, but the camp taught me leadership and interview skills, and how to network and socialize. Now I stay in touch with the friends from all over the City and we’ve gone back to the ship to volunteer.

This isn’t just a first—it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

A $50,000 grant from The Trust to the Intrepid Museum Foundation helps the GOALS program recruit 50 8th- and 9th-grade students and involve camp alumni in a weekend science program during the school year. To strengthen the bridge between camp and careers, the grant also supports a new internship and college-prep service for camp alumnae.

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