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February 2014 | Grant Newsletters

The Toxic Surprise at My School

Angel Tapia

By: Angel Tapia, 11, New York Preparatory Charter School

Until I looked at the data myself, I had no idea how much pollution we breathe in.

This started right outside my school on Staten Island. We set up monitors and immediately detected a lot of carbon monoxide in the parking lot, where the school buses drop off kids. The results surprised me.

You can’t smell or taste carbon monoxide, but it’s toxic to my classmates, teachers, even nearby neighbors. It causes nausea, dizziness, and sometimes death.

I learned this in a cool after-school program run by the New York Hall of Science. We didn’t just look at numbers. We discussed solutions: What if we moved bus loading zones?Or encouraged more people to drive less? That’s a conversation for adults, but we really want to help, too.

Angel Tapia is a student who participated in the Hive's Collect, Construct, Change program funded by The Trust. You can read additional information about the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in our February newsletter.

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