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December 2015 Newsletter

TOUTING  RENEWABLES: A Rhode Island promotional piece for the Campaign for Offshore Wind.
Offshore Wind

Coming to an
ocean near you

The nation’s first offshore wind farm began construction last summer off the coast of Block Island, ending years of opposition. Why did politicians and residents allow the change? The Campaign for Offshore Wind made a convincing case for renewable energy. 

We supported this groundbreaking effort with $685,000 in grants. The Campaign also helped double the area leased by the federal government for offshore wind development along the East Coast, and it successfully pushed for changes in New York State, which promises to get half its energy from renewable sources by 2030. The Campaign (which includes Environment America, National Wildlife Federation, and Conservation Law Foundation) will use the Block Island project to showcase jobs and other economic benefits of a vibrant U.S. offshore wind industry. Now we’re giving $75,000 to the University of Delaware’s Special Initiative on Offshore Wind to expand markets for wind energy in New York and Massachusetts.

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