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Community Development & the Environment


Civic Affairs


Participatory Budgeting: Revolutionary Civics in Action

Regional Environment


A New East Side Esplanade


A Win for Baby: Fewer Toxic Chemicals in Gear for Tots


Do You Send Your Child to a Toxic School?


Grants at Work Video: Lower East Side Ecology Center


Local Demand, Meet Local Supply


Free and Abundant Energy: Now all we have to do is get it


Domestic Energy: Getting it right this time

Workforce Development


Starting Small Businesses in the Bronx



Headhunting Locally for Jobs in the Yard


Jobs, They're out There. Really.

For the first time, a major effort to create and improve jobs starts with employers in the City's fastest growing sector.>>

What can create jobs, lower energy bills, and curb greenhouse gas emissions?

Community Development


Efficient Housing

 Citizen's Committee for NYC  

Loving Our Neighborhoods

A $100,000 grant to Citizen's Committee for New York City's Love your (NYC) Block program is helping community groups get money and access to City services to improve their neighborhoods.
Metropolitain Waterfront Alliance

Organizing a Maritime Renaissance

For 400 years, New Yorkers have been putting their 578 miles of shoreline to work—but a lack of planning, complicated permit processes, private development, brownfields, and other obstacles have stymied coordinated development of the waterfront.

National Environment


The Great Thing About Garbage


How did the Pronghorn Cross the Road?

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