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April 2015 | Grants Newsletter

A Stronger Cancer Safety Net

Trust Grants Help in Unexpected Ways

MORE THAN MEALS: Viola, who lives with breast cancer and diabetes, gets specially created meals and a hug from Emmett Findley, who was delivering her food. Photo by Rommel Demano Photography/God’s Love We Deliver
Every day, an average of 47 New York City residents are diagnosed with cancer. It’s our second leading cause of death, killing 34 people daily. For New Yorkers on the edge of poverty or for immigrants without insurance, a diagnosis of cancer can be financially devastating. They often choose between getting treatment or buying food. While being treated, patients need nutritious meals to bolster their immune systems, as well as legal help to figure out insurance options and resolve housing issues. Our new grant of $100,000 to God’s Love We Deliver provides special meals to those with cancer. Thanks to caring donors who left bequests to help cancer victims, we’re able to help thousands get the help they need every year.

By the Numbers

37,000 New Yorkers have cancer; 17,000 are diagnosed each year. Out-of-pocket medical costs, even for the insured, average $600/month. With Trust grants totaling $1,000,000 last year, Cancer Care gave 1,450 patients financial assistance. God’s Love We Deliver provided individually designed nutritious meals, counseling, and information on nutrition to 1,000 cancer patients. At Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 200 immigrant children and adults with cancer were enrolled in insurance plans or received financial aid. New York Legal Assistance Group helped 600 cancer patients at 12 hospitals and health centers apply for benefits, appeal claims denied by insurance companies, and resolve debt problems. All thanks to donors like you.

To make these grants, The Trust draws on several funds set up by donors who wanted to help with cancer treatment:

  • Simon Finck Fund
  • Orland S. & Frances S. Greene Fund
  • Allan Browning Lane Memorial Fund
  • Leo L. Pollak Memorial Fund
  • Jacqueline & Albert Smith Fund
  • Abe, Lena & Irin Soskis Memorial Fund
  • Albert & Marie Steinert Fund
  • Florence & Elliot Westin Fund

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