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Competitive Grants

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The following is a list of grants made from our competitive grantmaking program. The grants are made possible through the generosity of past donors who established permanent, charitable funds with us during their lifetimes or through their wills. Donor-advised grants are not listed.  

2013 Grants

Children, Youth & Families

 Organization NameProject DescriptionApproved Account
Day Oneto improve teen dating violence prevention services and policies$60,000
MFY Legal Servicesto expand legal advice and representation for grandparents and other relatives caring for abandoned children$50,000
Harlem Children’s Zoneto enhance three after-school academic programs for youth living in two public housing developments in central Harlem$65,000
Resilience Advocacy Projectto improve policies for non-custodial teenage fathers$53,000
Public Interest Projectsto reform New York’s juvenile justice system.$200,000
East Harlem Employment Servicefor a paid internship program and other job services tailored to unemployed youth.$95,000
JobsFirstNYCfor the new Young Adult Sectorial Employment Project, which will award grants to several groups to provide industry-specific training for unemployed youth.$200,000
Year Upto expand a paid internship program at Google, JPMorgan Chase, Facebook, and Goldman Sachs for unemployed New York City youth.$80,000
Center for Anti-Violence Educationto bring an anger-management program for homeless gay youth—created with prior Trust support—to a program for HIV-positive youth and to an emergency shelter.$25,000
Campaign for Childrenfor a new coalition of 100 groups that promotes investment in public child-care and after-school programs. $50,000
Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Healthto train teachers in publicly funded day care programs to teach language skills, involve parents, and use materials that help them observe children’s progress.$149,000
Human Services Council of New York Cityto promote cost and time savings in government-funded human services.$80,000
Graham Windhamto train caseworkers to use a proven child-abuse prevention program to help parents, foster parents, and children communicate and avoid behavior that triggers abuse. $200,000
New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Childrento evaluate Safe Touches, a sexual-abuse prevention program taught in elementary schools. $50,000
Girl Scout Council of Greater New Yorkto expand a career exploration and leadership program for girls from low-performing middle schools. $150,000
Intrepid Museum Foundationto expand a summer program that involves high school girls in experiments in aviation, marine science, space travel, and medicine. $50,000
New York Academy of Medicineto enhance the GIRLS (Getting into Real Life Science) and Health Professions program. $70,000
Bridge Fund of New Yorkto provide cash and job counseling to families in poor neighborhoods at risk of losing their homes. $850,000
Food Bank for New York Cityto get more food and benefit assistance into neighborhoods with growing demands for help.$250,000
Bronx Youth Recovery Networkto train coaches to use a program that helps addicted 18- to 24-year-olds get and stay clean, and evaluate its effectiveness. $200,000
Staten Island Mental Health Societyto help addicted youth successfully complete drug treatment and help other young people avoid addiction. $90,000
Community Resource Exchangeto help four gang violence prevention groups with fiscal management, program planning, fundraising, board development, and proposal writing. $78,000
Crown Heights Mediation Center, Fund for the City of New Yorkto expand Save Our Streets, an anti-gang violence program. $35,000
King of Kings Foundationto expand Gang Warrior Tours, a program that helps young people cope with anger and de-escalate violent situations. $35,000
LIFE Campto use Cure Violence, a model created by Deepak Chopra, which uses dialogue, workshops, athletics, and mediation to curtail gang violence.$35,000
Man Up!to expand an anti-gang violence program that works with young people involved in gangs. $35,000
New York City Mission Societyto expand a program that works with youth to deal with anger and give up their guns.$35,000
Brooklyn Defender Servicesto start a new program that creates individualized plans for teenage offenders to help them restart their lives. $55,000
Friends of Island Academyto expand the Jail-to-School Pipeline program, which gives mentors to 16- and 17-year-olds discharged from Rikers Island who help them make the transition back to school. $75,000
Fund for the City of New York, Center for Court Innovationto expand an alternative-to-incarceration program for 16- and 17-year-olds facing minor charges.$150,000
East River Development Alliancefor Financial Fitness workshops and counseling on household budgeting, credit repair, and asset building for poor families. $50,000
Hunter College of CUNY, Silberman School of Social Workto integrate financial literacy into social work education and practice. $123,000
Neighborhood Trust Financial Partnersto get indebted low-wage workers to use the Trust Card, a tool designed to reduce high-interest debt. $60,000

Community Development & the Environment

 Organization NameProject DescriptionApproved Amount
Citizens Committee for New York Cityfor awards to volunteer neighborhood improvement projects that work with City agencies.$100,000
Community Voices Heardto coordinate a participatory budget project in eight City Council districts.$70,000
Graduate Center of the City University of New Yorkto create a centralized source of online information about political districts and elected officials.$25,000
Northwestern Queens Financial Education Networkto coordinate a network of four financial education and counseling services for immigrant residents of northwestern Queens.$80,000
Picture the Homelessfor research and advocacy to improve housing options for very low-income families and individuals.$40,000
Union Settlement Associationfor a broad coalition to improve social and economic conditions in East Harlem.$50,000
Pratt Area Community Councilto provide financial education and counseling to public housing residents in several Brooklyn neighborhoods.$70,000
Blue Green Alliance Foundationto involve labor unions in chemical policy reform.$75,000
Center for Health, Environment and Justiceto promote green building materials for New York City schools.$60,000
Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communitiesto support partnerships between public sustainability directors and local foundations.$100,000
Multi-State Mercury Products Campaignto phase out the use of mercury in products.$75,000
New Partners for Community Revitalizationto accelerate brownfields redevelopment in New York City.$50,000
Product Policy Instituteto reduce packaging waste by making product manufacturers responsible for its disposal.$100,000
Southern Bronx River Watershed Allianceto ensure a community voice in the redesign of the Sheridan Expressway.$50,000
Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New Yorkto support an awards program promoting excellence in nonprofit management.$125,000
Start Small, Think Big! to provide free legal and business workshops and advice for entrepreneurs in poor neighborhoods. $50,000
Business Outreach Center Networkto work out of its new satellite office at the Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator with Start Small, Think Big to provide bi-lingual counseling to small businesses.$60,000
Clean and Healthy New Yorkto build grassroots support for federal and State chemical policy reform, including the passage of the Safe Chemical Act. $50,000
Public Policy and Education Fund of New Yorkto enable statewide civic and advocacy groups working in Albany to share technology and other resources. $60,000
Association for Neighborhood and Housing Developmentto transfer apartment buildings in foreclosure to responsible owners.$65,000
Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (U-HABto transfer apartment buildings in foreclosure to responsible owners. $65,000
Clean Production Actionfor BizNGO and GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, two programs—developed with prior Trust support—that connect businesses and nonprofit organizations to promote green chemistry and safer products. $100,000
Lower East Side Ecology Centerto support an electronics recycling program that reduces the amount of toxic chemicals entering landfills. $50,000
New York Public Interest Research Group Fundto prevent the construction of experimental and potentially toxic trash incinerators and promote environmentally sustainable and equitable solutions for dealing with the City’s waste.$50,000
Green Workerto help worker-owned cooperatives involved in recycling, energy conservation, and other green efforts build their businesses.$50,000
Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalitionto expand the number of Bronx contractors that can retrofit buildings to be more energy efficient.$50,000
Forest Stewardship Council increase consumer demand for wood and paper products harvested using environmentally sustainable methods.$100,000
Nature Conservancyto reduce damage from extreme weather caused by climate change by identifying wetlands and other natural features that protect waterfront areas.$200,000
Natural Resources Defense Councilto promote post-Sandy rebuilding and disaster protection approaches that respect nature and protect public health. $100,000
Pesticide Action Network North Americato expand the market for crops grown without hazardous pesticides. $50,000
Riverkeeperto protect the City’s drinking water by monitoring land use and conservation in its watersheds.$50,000
Sierra Club Foundationfor the Green Fleets campaign, which aims to persuade U.S. businesses to reduce the amount of oil they use for vehicle fleets, shipping, business travel, and employee commuting.$100,000
Fifth Avenue Committeeto involve low-income residents in a public review of plans for cleaning up the Gowanus Canal. $50,000
Cypress Hills Local Development Corporationto strengthen this multi-service neighborhood organization. $50,000
Ocean Bay Community Development Corporationto expand its workforce development services. $340,000
Two Bridges Neighborhood Councilto strengthen the local economy and expand access to fresh food after the closure of the neighborhood’s supermarket. $50,000
Coming Cleanto build the case for stronger safe-chemical laws by showing the direct link between exposure to common chemicals and cancer and other diseases. $75,000
State Alliance for Federal Reform of Chemicals Policyto advocate for state and federal chemical policy reform and to draft model legislation that sets testing standards for alternatives to banned chemicals. $75,000
State Alliance for Federal Reform of Chemicals Policyto advocate for state and federal chemical policy reform and to draft model legislation that sets testing standards for alternatives to banned chemicals. $75,000
Campaign for Atlantic Offshore Windto build public, political, and financial support for offshore wind power along the Atlantic coast. $200,000
Ceresto use recent storms, shareholder resolutions, and investor education to mobilize the insurance industry to deal with climate change. $100,000
Clean Energy Groupto accelerate development of wind power by encouraging state leaders, the military, utilities, and investors to cooperatively purchase offshore wind power. $100,000
Clean Air Task Forceto reduce black carbon and methane emissions from Arctic oil and gas production.$100,000
Climate Solutionsto accelerate the development of greenhouse gas reduction solutions at the local and regional level. $100,000
Environment Northeastto strengthen a regional initiative that limits greenhouse gas emissions.$100,000
Empire State Futureto promote planning for sustainable growth in New York State. $75,000
National Audubon Societyto protect bird migration corridors along the East Coast by working with forest owners in five states. $75,000
New York State Gas Drilling Protection Projectto ensure that gas drilling in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations is not permitted until appropriate safeguards to protect human health and the environment are in place. $150,000
New York City Environmental Justice Allianceto bring community groups, government, and businesses together to protect the City’s waterfront from storm-caused contamination. $50,000
West Harlem Environmental Actionto help building managers and tenants switch to cleaner heating fuels. $55,000
Workforce Professionals Training Instituteto add courses to training programs for job developers and evaluate their impact. $75,000
MHANY Management to stabilize low-income apartment buildings at risk of foreclosure in central Brooklyn and the South Bronx. $65,000
Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association to stabilize low-income apartment buildings at risk of foreclosure in central Brooklyn and the South Bronx.$65,000

Health and People with Special Needs

 Organization NameProject DescriptionApproved Amount
Cancer Carefor financial aid to needy cancer patients.$800,000
God’s Love We Deliverto feed cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.$100,000
New York Legal Assistance Groupfor legal assistance to help people with cancer get treatment.$100,000
United Hospital Fund of New Yorkto advise State officials developing a health insurance exchange in New York State.$150,000
Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell Universityto train young practicing physicians to be health reform leaders.$75,000
New-York Historical Societyfor an exhibit and educational program about the first five years of the AIDS epidemic in New York City.$50,000
Jewish Association for Services for the Agedto help a leading elder-serving agency prepare for managed long-term care.$100,000
Visiting Nurse Service of New Yorkto train home health aides to provide improved post-hospital rehabilitation services to chronically ill elders.$100,000
Center for Urban Community Servicesto add new primary care services to a mental health treatment program for formerly homeless, mentally ill adults. $100,000
Griot Circleto strengthen an agency serving gay and lesbian elders of color. $40,000
Center for Urban Community Servicesto add new primary care services to a mental health treatment program for formerly homeless, mentally ill adults. $100,000
Charles B. Wang Community Health Centerto develop the first portal in the nation that enables Chinese-speaking patients to access their medical records$75,000
Community Health Care Association of New York Stateto train workers for community health center nursing, administrative, and managerial jobs.$120,000
Disability Rights Advocatesto make City polling sites accessible to people with visual and physical disabilities.$50,000
Mental Health Association of New York Cityto expand mental health in primary care facilities that provide patient-centered care to those with multiple health problems. $125,000
Southern New York Associationto help veterans get jobs in nursing homes.$100,000
UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New Yorkto improve the training of home health aides in order to improve the quality of care for homebound elders.$100,000
BronxWorksto train elders in public housing to build community gardens and distribute food.$65,000
Just Foodto operate an elder food project on Staten Island and strengthen elder-led healthy food projects run by grantees in other boroughs. $50,000
Queens Community Houseto train elders in public housing to build community gardens and distribute food.$65,000
Myrtle Avenue Commercial Revitalization and Development Project LDCto train elders in public housing to build community gardens and distribute food.$30,000
United Community Centersto train elders to run and promote community gardens. $30,000
United Neighborhood Houses of New Yorkto coordinate an effort that uses elders to improve the availability of healthy food in poor communities. $80,000
San Diego State University, School of Social Workto improve the training of professionals who investigate abuse and neglect of elders and other disabled adults. $30,000
Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitationto give respite to family caregivers of chronically ill homebound elders. $45,000
New York University, College of Nursingto increase the involvement of chronically ill elders and family caregivers in their own care.$110,000
Council on Social Work Educationto train social workers to assist elders making health care decisions.$290,000
Supportive Housing Network of New Yorkto promote the integration of health and housing services to reduce Medicaid costs. $70,000
Public Health Solutionsto prevent unwanted pregnancies by increasing girls’ and young women’s use of IUDs, a safe, affordable, and long-lasting form of birth control. $105,000
Montefiore Medical Centerto coordinate care for patients with chronic pain who are addicted to prescription pain medication. $100,000
Institute for Family Healthto test a new program in which medical workers coordinate the care of patients with chronic health problems, including heart disease. $125,000
EcoHealth Allianceto study the risk to children from salmonella-infected pets and test imported seafood for this and other diseases. $85,000
Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeonsto determine if trained, stable mentally ill people on hospital treatment teams improves care of people with serious mental illness. $85,000
The Actors Fundto help uninsured artists and actors get health insurance through the New York State health exchange.$50,000

Education, Arts & Human Justice

 Organization NameProject DescriptionApproved Amount
EmcArtsto help strengthen arts service groups.$150,000
New York City Arts Coalitionto hire a new coordinator as an arts advocacy group’s founder retires.$35,000
New York Naturally Occurring Cultural District Working Groupto coordinate research and advocacy on naturally occurring cultural districts.$50,000
Opera Americato promote a new rehearsal center for opera companies.$75,000
Urban Arts Partnershipfor a strategic alliance between two arts education groups.$60,000
Center for Arts Educationto ensure New York City public school students receive a well-rounded education that includes the arts.$60,000
Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibilityto help principals in Brooklyn and the Bronx improve the social and emotional skills of their staff and students.$80,000
Fund for Public Schoolsto provide summer instruction and enrichment in several Bronx public schools.$175,000
Center for Family Representationto provide legal and social services for immigrant families involved in child protective proceedings in Queens.$100,000
The Door – A Center of Alternativesto provide legal assistance to undocumented immigrant youth.$50,000
New York University, Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policyto advocate for improvements to the City’s housing courts.$40,000
The New Schoolto create a search tool on—created with prior Trust support—to help eighth graders and their parents find the high schools that are a good fit for them. $120,000
Appleseed Foundationto advocate for school choice policies that increase poor and minority students’ access to good schools. $40,000
Borough of Manhattan Community College Foundationto improve retention and graduation of minority students, particularly young women.$150,000
Figure Skating in Harlemto enhance academic instruction and college guidance at a figure skating program for girls.$50,000
Fresh Air Fundto enhance an SAT and college preparation program for disadvantaged students who attend the Fund’s summer camps.$40,000
Good Shepherd Servicesto enhance Groundwork for Success, a four-year college preparation program for youth.$60,000
Graduate Center of the City University of New Yorkto help first-generation college students matriculate.$55,000
Sadie Nash Leadership Projectto add a college-bound program to its six-week summer leadership academy that teaches girls about women’s and human rights issues, democracy, and the environment.$50,000
New York Civil Liberties Union Foundation,to help gay men and lesbians understand their legal rights.$70,000
ArtHometo send artists to entrepreneur boot camp to improve their finances through workshops on financial literacy, homeownership, self-sufficiency, and the responsible use of credit. $50,000
Cool Cultureto help 15 museums serve poor three-, four-, and five-year-olds and their families from every borough$50,000
HB Studiofor an online registration system for low-cost acting, playwriting, directing, and improvisation classes. $25,000
Trust for Governors Islandto start, market, and attract funding for a permanent public art program that will illuminate the history of the island.$25,000
Heritage Preservationto help the City’s cultural institutions prepare for future disasters.$130,000
New York Landmarks Conservancyfor emergency repairs of historic buildings owned by nonprofits. $75,000
NYC Landmarks50 Advisory Committeefor programs marking the 2015 50th year anniversary of the Landmarks Law and to coordinate a historic preservation campaign.$50,000
Association of the Bar of the City of New York Fundto expand pro bono legal assistance for poor New Yorkers facing bankruptcy. $160,000
CUNY School of Law Foundationto provide legal help to tenants facing eviction. $70,000
Fund for New Citizensfor our foundation collaborative that assists immigrants and refugees in New York.$200,000
New York Immigration Coalitionto ensure that New York State’s health insurance exchange meets the needs of immigrants.$90,000
AMERINDAto establish an online marketplace for Native-American artists.$60,000
Artspaceto plan for affordable residential and studio spaces for artists in New York and consider the feasibility of six neighborhoods as future sites.$56,000
Historic Richmond Townto plan for the re-use of a Gothic Revival parsonage in Historic Richmond Town so that it can generate income. $48,000
Historic House Trust of New York Cityto test a new approach to interpreting history at the Latimer House, a historic house in Queens. $100,000
University of the State of New York Regents Research Fundto develop student assessments and teacher evaluations that account for the progress of English-language learners. $200,000
Advocates for Children of New Yorkto help families of children with disabilities move from early childhood programs to preschool and kindergarten. $80,000
New Visions for Public Schools,to improve instruction and teacher retention by training and placing teams of teachers and administrators in struggling schools. $100,000
New Teacher Centerto train experienced teachers and principals to mentor new teachers. $150,000
Staten Island Children’s Museumto provide arts instruction at public elementary schools. $30,000
Harlem School of the Artsto provide music instruction in ten elementary schools. $75,000
Doug Varone and Dancersto start a new choreography institute.$50,000
Fourth Arts Blockto provide affordable dance rehearsal space in underused studios. $45,000
Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Islandto start an artists’ market at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and train artists to develop small businesses. $50,000
Bronx River Art Centerto promote this arts group as it renovates its facility and runs programs at alternative neighborhood sites. $50,000
Sanctuary for Familiesto advocate for and provide legal services to victims of sex trafficking in light of recent improvements to laws that protect them. $75,000
inMotionto train pro bono attorneys to help immigrant victims of domestic violence get legal status and resolve family law problems. $50,000
Queens Legal Services to defend tenants against eviction and help them get needed repairs or stop unlawful landlord practices$55,000
Manhattan Legal Servicesto represent residents in consumer debt cases, hold community workshops on consumer rights, and force debt collectors to stop abusive practices. $55,000
Legal Services NYC – Bronx, to help residents get and keep public benefits. $55,000

Special Projects & Philanthropy

 Organization NameProject DescriptionApproved Amount
Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York Cityfor a public-private housing and neighborhood recovery fund.$250,000
New York Academy of Medicineto develop a disaster preparedness and response plan for elderly New Yorkers.$185,000
New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Healthto protect Hurricane Sandy workers from hazardous conditions.$60,000
Pro Bono Netto provide online legal resources for people harmed by Hurricane Sandy.$120,000
Pratt Instituteto manage a community planning process for Sandy-affected neighborhoods.$50,000
Blanche Community Progress Day Care CenterFor sandy recovery efforts in Far Rockaway, Queens.$10,000
Broad Channel American Legion Post No. 1404,For sandy recovery efforts in Broad Channel, Howard Beach, Far Rockaway, Queens $10,000
Dewitt Reformed Church Head StartFor sandy recovery efforts in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.$10,000
Eyebeam AtelierFor sandy recovery efforts in Chelsea, Manhattan.$12,500
Five Towns Community CenterFor sandy recovery efforts in Nassau County, Long Island.$12,500
Good Old Lower East SideFor sandy recovery efforts in Manhattan$12,500
Grand Street SettlementFor sandy recovery efforts in Lower East Side, Manhattan; Bushwick, Williamsburg, Brooklyn$10,000
Hamilton-Madison HouseFor sandy recovery efforts in Chinatown, Lower East Side, Manhattan$10,000
Hudson GuildFor sandy recovery efforts in Chelsea, Clinton, Manhattan$10,000
Jewish Community Council of the Rockaway PeninsulaFor sandy recovery efforts in The Rockaways, Queens$10,000
The KitchenFor sandy recovery efforts in Chelsea, Manhattan$12,500
Long Beach Latino Civic AssociationFor sandy recovery efforts in Nassau County, Long Island$12,500
Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden MuseumFor sandy recovery efforts in Long Island City, Queens$12,500
Ocean Bay Community Development CorporationFor sandy recovery efforts in The Rockaways, Queens$12,500
Rockaway Artists Alliance For sandy recovery efforts in Arverne, Belle Harbor, Breezy Point, Broad Channel, Roxbury, Neponset, Queens$12,500
Solid Rock Seventh Day Adventist ChurchFar Rockaway, Queens$10,000
Two Bridges Neighborhood CouncilLower East Side, Manhattan$10,000
You Are Never Alone (YANA)For sandy recovery efforts in The Rockaways, Queens$10,000

2012 Grants

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