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Grants to Improve the Social Work Profession

2014 Dates

While grant applications are welcome all year round, applications for consideration in June must be received by March 29th. Applications for December consideration must be received by September 30th.


Our goal is to make the social work profession more effective in dealing with complex social issues by integrating research, education, and practice. Specifically, we propose to:

1. Build an evidence base for social work intervention by funding: 

  • Projects that use both proven approaches and test new models; and
  • Evaluation of the funded programs.
2. Innovate in the classroom and the field by:
  • Supporting continuing education;
  • Providing funding and scholarships for students and faculty; and
  • Connecting training and research to communities.
3. Improve training in policy, management, and leadership by:
  • Focusing on macro practice; and
  • Examining licensing requirements.
4. Support research that enhances the ability of social workers to address many critical issues by:
  • Identifying gaps in services; and
  • Illuminating approaches that advance our work in other areas of grantmaking.
The Trust is fortunate to have several funds dedicated to the social work profession and because many issues in the field are national, we will fund nonprofits both in New York City and nationally.

Please direct all inquiries to: Patricia White, Program Director, or ext. 579.

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