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8/15/16 - New Report: The Power of Funder Collaboration

Report: 40 Years of Collaborative Funds in The New York Community Trust

Read report as PDF or Issuu document.

You’ve probably heard: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

For 40 years, The New York Community Trust has been putting this African proverb to the test—and figuring out how to most effectively “go together.” This report showcases not only the incredible work of our funder collaboratives, but the lessons we’ve learned about working together to forward bold and creative solutions to complex problems.

We’ve learned that when funders pool resources, much is possible. Collectively, we’ve made the City’s public school system better for all students; led the fight against AIDS in New York City; and created affordable housing and the organizations that support it. We’ve turned young digital consumers into producers, and are creating a vision for a more equitable art sector. 

We’re proud of this work, and look forward to nurturing our current funder collaboratives and starting new ones. Please take a look at this report and share with your colleagues. 


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