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How is The Trust balancing responsive grantmaking with enduring goals?

The Trust's recent grantmaking is explored in a recent piece by Alyssa Ochs for Inside Philanthropy: 

Balancing Act: A Big New York Funder Mixes Responsive Grantmaking With Enduring Goals

Rapid-response grantmaking continues to be a hot topic in the foundation world, with funders scrambling to react to federal policy changes. Trump administration policies have had especially profound implications for major cities and we've reported often on emergency grantmaking by top local funders concerned about immigrants and other vulnerable communities.  

But one question that needs to be asked is what's happening to funding in other issue areas as foundations have engaged in new battles over the past year? Which types of programs and priorities may be suffering as a result of rapid-response grantmaking? 

There's clearly a need for balance here and its interesting to see how some funders are managing that balance. One example to look at is the New York Community Trust (NYCT). We've highlighted some of NYCT's responsive grantmaking since the 2016 election. But what's been happening with its other funding priorities? 

NYCT looms large in the life of New York City nonprofits, disbursing $124.5 million in 2016. Most of its grants go out through its donor-advised funds, but the foundation's staff also directs monies, and we've kept an eye on where those grants have been going in the past year. Last April, the foundation announced over $5.6 million in grants to 54 nonprofits. Although many of these grants were direct responses to federal policy, others addressed longstanding problems in the city. Looking at these grants it was clear that NYCT was still very much on top of supporting a whole host issues it's long cared about, such as educational equity, workforce development, arts and culture, and homelessness. Read more>>


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