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4/12/12 - A New Urgent Psychiatric Clinic, More Farmers' Markets in Poor Neighborhoods, Greenways in the Rockaways & More

New York City's Community Foundation Announces $5,723,000 in Grants

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Areas Served by Grants

  • M - Manhattan
  • Bk - Brooklyn
  • Bx - Bronx
  • Q - Queens
  • SI - Staten Island
  • C - Citywide
  • N - National
  • I - International

April 12, New York – Healthy Food, Healthy Communities

The following seven grants will continue and expand the elder-led Healthy Food, Healthy Communities program that helps people in poor neighborhoods eat better.

  • BronxWorks, $70,000 to recruit and train elders and youth to run and start farmers’ markets, plant community gardens, and begin a mobile food delivery project for the disabled. | Bx: Morris Heights
  • Just Food, $70,000 to help Staten Island nonprofits operate food and nutrition programs and to teach healthy cooking classes throughout the City. | C, SI
  • Isabella Geriatric Center, $70,000 for an elder-led program that purchases fruits and vegetables in bulk and distributes them at a discount. | M: Washington Heights
  • Myrtle Avenue Commercial Revitalization and Development Project, $70,000 to work with elders in the Ingersoll Houses to expand their community garden, hold healthy cooking workshops, and operate a farmers’ market. | Bk: Fort Greene
  • Queens Community House, $70,000 to train elders in public housing to build community gardens and distribute the produce in Flushing. | Q
  • United Community Centers, $70,000 to help elders and youth run community gardens and promote, sell, and use the harvest. | Bk: East New York
  • United Neighborhood Houses of New York, $128,000 to coordinate the Healthy Food, Healthy Communities project. | C

Better Centers, Care, and Financial Help for Seniors

  • Council of Senior Centers and Services of New York City, $50,000 to expand a money management program for frail elders. | C
  • Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service, $130,000 to evaluate newly established innovative senior centers to determine what aspects are working and worth replicating. | C
  • UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, $125,000 to improve the training of home health aides and home workers in order to improve the quality of care for homebound elders. | C

Promotion and Creation of Art Spaces

  • Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, $50,000 to transform an historic East Harlem firehouse into a Caribbean cultural center. | M
  • Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center, $30,000 to market the newly expanded Bronx group’s dance, music, and theater programs for youth. | Bx
  • SculptureCenter, $30,000 for events, lamp-post banners, and online promotion to attract local audiences to this Long Island City arts center. | Q
  • Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, $50,000 to help establish a music heritage center in the South Bronx that will be the centerpiece of the new Melrose Commons, a 360,000 sq. ft. mixed-use development. | Bx

Preservation of New York’s History

  • National Trust for Historic Preservation, $50,000 for a public outreach campaign to promote the importance of historic preservation in the City. | C
  • New York Landmarks Conservancy, $25,000 to help save historically and architecturally significant former synagogues. | Q, M, Bk, Bx

Young People in Need of Special Help

  • Brooklyn Childcare Collective, $30,000 to help teen mothers stay in school and get child care, vocational skills, and career guidance. | Bk, C
  • Hetrick-Martin Institute, $65,000 to expand a GED-prep course and other academic programs for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth. | C
  • Jumpstart for Young Children, $60,000 to recruit and train volunteers to work with young children in School District 12 Head Start and other early childhood programs. | Bx: Claremont Village, Fairmont, Park Versailles, Tremont, West Farm

Help in Neighborhoods that Need it Most

  • Bridge Fund of New York, $950,000 to provide cash assistance and employment services to families at risk of losing their homes in neighborhoods where the need is greatest. | C
  • Food Bank for New York City, $800,000 to get more food and benefit assistance into neighborhoods with growing demands for food. | C

In Trouble with the Law at 16, and Then What?

  • Friends of Island Academy, $65,000 to start Higher Ground, a program that helps 16- and 17-year-olds from Washington Heights and Central Brooklyn recently discharged from Rikers Island make a successful transition to school. | M, Bk
  • Fund for the City of New York, Center for Court Innovation, $150,000 to strengthen the Adolescent Diversion Program, which helps court-involved 16- and 17-year-olds get nonviolent criminal records expunged and get a fresh start. | C

How to Work with Government More Efficiently

  • Human Services Council of New York City, $60,000 to promote cost and time savings in government-funded human services by using centralized audits and background checks, standardizing service contracts, and creating a data vault. | C
  • Legal Aid Society, $225,000 to create a single intake process for cases involving food stamps, cash assistance, unemployment insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. | C

Community Infrastructure

  • New York State Tenants & Neighbors Information Service, $55,000 to preserve Mitchell-Lama buildings as affordable housing through advocacy, organizing, and maintenance. | C
  • Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, $40,000 to promote transportation improvements on the Rockaway peninsula that include repairing the bayside sea wall, refurbishing pedestrian beach-to-bay corridors, and creating waterfront greenways. | Q: Rockaways

Clean, Green, and Blue

  • Campaign for Atlantic Offshore Wind, $200,000 to build public support for developing offshore wind power along the Atlantic coast and publish a report on its economic and environmental impact. | N
  • Center for Biological Diversity, $75,000 to combat ocean acidification, which causes serious damage to marine ecosystems. | I
  • Clean Air Task Force, $100,000 to reduce black carbon and methane emissions from Arctic oil and gas production that hasten global warming, already accelerated in the Arctic. | I
  • Clean Energy Group, $100,000 to push development of offshore wind power by coordinating investors, federal agencies, public officials, and utilities in states along the Atlantic seaboard. | N
  • Oregon Environmental Council, $100,000 to develop a West Coast regional clean-energy initiative. | N
  • World Resources Institute, $100,000 to document the negative environmental and social effects of shale gas development and recommend regulations and management practices that address them. | I

Toxic Chemicals Around & In Us

  • Green Science Policy Institute, $75,000 for a toxicity analysis of commonly used flame-retardants that will report the products in which they’re used, our exposure to them, and their health effects. | N
  • Silent Spring Institute, $75,000 to study the characteristics of Americans with the highest levels of exposure to toxic chemicals and to help government agencies develop regulations to protect them. | N

Helping Nonprofits Come Together

  • Good Shepherd Services, $70,000 for the merger of Groundwork and Good Shepherd Services. | Bx, Bk, M
  • SeaChange Capital Partners, $50,000 to establish the New York Merger, Acquisition, and Collaboration Fund, which will provide grants for nonprofit mergers and other formal alliances.  | C

Better Education

  • Fund for Public Schools, $175,000 for summer programs that incorporate sports, field trips, and academic enrichment in English, science, math, and the arts in several Bronx schools. | Bx
  • Graduate Center of the City University of New York, $65,000 to provide first-generation college students with coaching on financial and academic planning to help them graduate. | C

Helping Immigrant Families

  • Asian American Coalition for Children and Families, $50,000 for advocacy to improve instruction and support services for Asian-American students not proficient in English. | C
  • Fund for New Citizens, $250,000 for a collaborative fund that assists immigrants and refugees in New York City. | C

More Mental Health Services

  • Community Health Project, $75,000 to add mental health services to the City’s only health center for gay, lesbian, and transgender patients. | M: Chelsea
  • International Center for the Disabled, $75,000 to start the City’s first freestanding urgent psychiatric clinic. | C

Improving Care for the Visually Impaired

  • Aging in New York Fund, $200,000 to strengthen a vision-rehabilitation coalition for older adults that provides a referral service, outreach, and workshops for its member organizations. | C
  • National Center for Law and Economic Justice, $120,000 to make agencies that administer public benefits more accessible for people with vision problems and to hold workshops to inform them of their right to this information. | C

Making Sure Disabled Students Get What They Need

  • Advocates for Children of New York, $80,000 to provide families of children with disabilities with information and legal expertise to help them make the transition from early childhood services to preschool and kindergarten. | C
  • Fund for Public Advocacy, $100,000 to study the New York City Department of Education’s efforts to reform special education. |C



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