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6/25/13 - See why our donor-advisors are so smart...

This Wall Street Journal article shows how a donor-advised fund can be a great alternative to a private foundation for many donors.

6/24/13 - Wealth Management

When Clients Want Their Own Foundations

By Arden Dale for the Wall Street Journal

A lot of people like the idea of having a private charitable foundation of their own, but financial advisers caution they're not suitable for everyone.

When the time comes for clients to give, their advisers can help them decide if a foundation is better than using a donor-advised fund or charitable trust, or simply writing a personal check. How much money a client wants to give is a crucial determining factor, along with the right personality and the passion to make the foundation succeed.

Operating a foundation is akin to running a business, advisers say. It requires tax filings and other money-management tasks, establishing by-laws, holding meetings with a board of trustees and recording minutes, and much more.

What may seem like a great idea at the outset can turn into an administrative or financial nightmare for the wrong person. Without solid guidance, the over-eager may get burned. That's why some advisers consider them too much of a hassle, and steer their clients away.

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