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4/4/14 - City’s Community Foundation Gives $3.4 Million to 39 Nonprofits in all 5 Boroughs, and Nationwide

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New York (April 4, 2014) —The New York Community Trust is giving $3.4 million to create a South Bronx cultural trail, train young people for jobs caring for the elderly, support the growth of specialty food makers in Brooklyn, and other projects. The 39 grants help nonprofits in all five boroughs, along with national environmental groups:

Brownfields and Greenways

  • Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, $50,000 to find ways to get money to maintain the Brooklyn waterfront greenway.
  • New Partners for Community Revitalization, $50,000 to speed up redevelopment of City brownfields.
  • Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance, $50,000 to ensure a community voice in the redesign of the Sheridan Expressway.

National Environment

  • Center for Large Landscape Conservation, $80,000 to provide scientific information to public officials and environmentalists working to protect wildlife in the northern Rocky Mountain region.
  • UPSTREAM, $100,000 to reduce packaging waste by making product manufacturers responsible for disposal.

Where’s the Money?

  • Community Voices Heard, $85,000 to get New Yorkers involved in a participatory budget project in nine City Council districts.
  • East Williamsburg Valley Industrial Development Corporation, $60,000 to help local specialty food manufacturing firms succeed.
  • Northwestern Queens Financial Education Network, $80,000 to coordinate efforts of four financial education and counseling services for immigrant residents of northwest Queens.

Focus on the Bronx

  • Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education, $80,000 to create a South Bronx culture trail.
  • Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College of CUNY, Center for Bronx Nonprofits, $120,000 to strengthen the work of community leaders and nonprofit organizations serving the Bronx.

NYC’s Nonprofits

  • Fiscal Policy Institute, $60,000 to advocate for better wages and employment practices in nonprofit social services.
  • New York Landmarks Conservancy, $100,000 for emergency repairs of historic buildings owned by nonprofit organizations.
  • Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, $125,000 for The New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards, which honor effective management.

Money, Space, and Community for Artists

  • Brooklyn Arts Council, $90,000 to coordinate cultural coalitions in Brownsville, Bushwick, and East New York.
  • CUE Art Foundation, $30,000 to help City artists earn money.
  • Gina Gibney Dance, $150,000 to expand a dance workspace program.


  • Advocates for Children of New York, $75,000 to help students facing suspension reduce or eliminate time out of school and connect them with social services, if needed.
  • InnovateEDU, $80,000 to test a digital reading program for second through fifth graders in three Brooklyn schools.
  • Internationals Network for Public Schools, $160,000 to help principals and teachers improve instruction for newly-arrived immigrant students.

Legal Aid for Staten Islanders

  • Legal Information for Families Today, $30,000 to help residents of Staten Island navigate family court.
  • Legal Services NYC, $55,000 to provide more legal assistance for immigrants on Staten Island.


  • Aging in New York Fund, $150,000 to provide high quality food at senior centers.
  • Community Healthcare Network, $100,000 to add complementary and alternative medicine services to a Lower East Side community health center.
  • Coordinated Behavioral Care, $65,000 to coordinate care for people with health, mental health, and substance-abuse problems.
  • Council of Senior Centers and Services of New York City, $100,000 for a money management program for blind and visually impaired elders.
  • Medicaid Matters New York, $35,000 to bring a consumer voice to Medicaid reform debates.
  • Medicare Rights Center, $150,000 to advocate for chronically ill elders eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.
  • New York City AIDS Fund, $75,000 to help AIDS service organizations adapt to changes in health care.
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, $60,000 to provide training on elder abuse to staff at the City’s Division of Adult Protective Services.
  • Planned Parenthood of New York City, $125,000 to expand reproductive health services for girls and young women from Queens.
  • Rutgers University Foundation, $87,500 to study drug resistant infections in organ transplant patients.

Poverty and Social Services

  • Center for Children’s Initiative, $50,000 to improve services for infants and toddlers in high school and college day care centers.
  • Legal Momentum, $40,000 to increase the number of high school girls in training programs for high-paying, non-traditional jobs in construction, maintenance, natural resources, and other fields dominated by men.
  • New Destiny Housing Corporation, $150,000 to provide permanent, alternative housing for battered women and their children.
  • New York City Change Capital Fund, $75,000 to help community development groups develop new strategies to reduce poverty and track the results.
  • Picture the Homeless, $65,000 for research and advocacy to improve housing options for very low-income families and individuals.

A Leg Up for the Next Generation

  • Center for Anti-Violence Education, $30,000 to expand an anger-management program for homeless gay youth.
  • Center for Economic Opportunity, $300,000 for an education and paid internship program for unemployed young men and women.
  • Jewish Home Lifecare, $50,000 to prepare low-income high school students for careers in health care and geriatrics.
These grants were approved at The Trust’s Feb. 6, 2014 board meeting.


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