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Grant Seeker FAQs

Do you need to know someone to get a grant?

No. Trust staff meet weekly to review all the proposals that have come in since the last meeting. If a proposal clearly does not meet our guidelines, the organization is informed within two weeks. Otherwise, it is assigned to a program officer for review and the organization is so notified.

We first check to see if we have funds available in the particular category. The review assesses the quality of the proposed project, the capability of the organization, and its relevance to our grantmaking guidelines. We often check out the organization with other funders and nonprofits and sometimes request a meeting. We also visit a program we are seriously considering funding. Finally the staff makes a recommendation to our board.

Should I use a board contact?

No. All proposals received go through the same process.

Can we meet before I submit an application to tell you about our organization?

No. We need to have something in writing first. If we think a meeting is necessary, we'll call you to set one up.

Why can't I get general support?

Our donor advised grants are almost all for general operating support. In our competitive grants program, project grants allow us to select those that advance the goals our board has set for each grantmaking program.

Do you give grants to individuals?


Can I apply for more than one year?

Yes, although our general practice is to make grants for one year. You should be sure to make the case for multi-year funding in your proposal.

Can I apply for multiple projects in the same year?


Can I contact your donors? Will you tell them about our organization?

We do not make our donors' names and addresses available. Our Grants Newsletter, which is published five times a year after each board meeting, lists all the grants made at the meeting, and is distributed to a broad community of donors, grantees, elected officials, and others. We also encourage donors to call us for more information about grantees featured in this newsletter and on our Web site.

Can I apply for a grant from a specific fund?

Generally, no. We have several funds, however, that use a request for proposal (RFP) process for grantmaking. RFPs are generally sent to a closed list, i.e., only those who receive the RFP can apply, but open RFPs are posted here. Letters of Interest (LOIs) for our national and international environment program are submitted here. We accept LOIs for this program twice a year in February and September.

How much money should I ask for?

Our grants usually range from $5,000 to $200,000; an average grant is around $80,000. Often, a grant from The Trust cannot fully support a project, so we will want to know where the rest of the money will come from.

If our organization has been turned down can we apply again?

Yes. Each proposal is considered on its own merits.

When can we expect to hear if we've gotten a grant?

How should I send you our proposal?

You will need to submit a proposal cover sheet online, and then print out the sheet, along with your proposal, and send it by mail.

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