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Giving away money is easy. Why rely on professionals?

Many people want to leave money to their alma mater or a local group that does good work. So when it comes to your clients’ estate plans, why urge them to use a community foundation? Because the grantmaking professionals at a community foundation are steeped in the issues your clients care about, along with solutions. 

The New York Community Trust, our region’s community foundation, offers a smart and cost-effective way for your client to build a dynamic, lasting charitable legacy — a legacy that gets results. New York’s nonprofit sector is vast and ever-changing. It takes expertise to make sure your client’s money is funding the right programs today and years from now. It also takes a thoughtful strategy. That’s why the Trust is here: to help your client. And you. And New York. 

Five reasons why it's smart to use the pros

1. Your client can give like a billionaire without being one.

It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain a grantmaking staff equipped to take on the most urgent issues of the day. These experts also visit nonprofits to see if they are effectively managed. The New York Community Trust, with a reputation for excellence and transparency, spreads those costs among thousands of charitable funds. Your client’s fund will benefit from a staff with decades of experience in the arts, health services, assistance for children and the elderly, environmental causes, education, and community development.

2. Your client’s gift keeps on giving.

Consider a permanent fund in The New York Community Trust: The gift is carefully invested, generating money each year to fund grants for programs that honor your client’s purpose. Leaving money to a cause rather than a particular group often makes sense, because nonprofits don’t live forever: Missions and leadership change, and even great nonprofits falter or go under. Meanwhile, fresh solutions emerge. The New York Community Trust makes sure a gift stays relevant while fulfilling the client’s goals.

3. Your client wants to invest in real solutions to tough problems.

Today’s complex problems demand creative, well-executed solutions. One example: the health crisis in the South Bronx. The rates of obesity, asthma, and heart disease are among the country’s highest. Although years of philanthropy focused on improving health care, that wasn’t enough.

Here’s what we did: Our grantmaking pros brought together South Bronx leaders. We found the parks are unsafe for playing or exercise, and supermarkets are scarce. So we now support nonprofits that bring popular programs to parks (busy parks are safer). We also back efforts that improve air quality and create bike paths and sailing programs along the Bronx River. To encourage residents to eat healthier, the nonprofits we support encourage bodega owners to carry more fruits and vegetables. They bring fresh produce to green markets, where shoppers can use food stamps and take cooking classes. Thanks to donors, we’re supporting upstate farmers while helping Bronx residents. That’s a classic “win-win.”

4. We combine gifts, so each has more impact.

Our donors include names you’d recognize, along with entrepreneurs, teachers, and nurses, some of whom give anonymously. They all share a love of New York and a passion to make it better. With help from lawyers, one left a bequest to support the arts, while another designated part of her estate to help the elderly. Thanks to these two donors who never met, we expanded a program to develop art programs that ignite the creativity of older adults. In short, our experts don’t simply honor these intentions, they combine the grant money from several funds to make a real difference.

5. We think regionally.

Maybe your client was born in Brooklyn and now lives in Westchester, or works in Manhattan but spends weekends on Long Island. These days, New York City’s challenges and solutions are Westchester and Long Island’s, too. We work closely with our suburban divisions on issues from job training to the environment, so your client’s hard work pays off for all the right places.

Whether your clients want to give now or in the future, we can help get the most for their charitable dollars. Contact us today. 

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