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Richard W. Moore

Richard W. Moore uses his donor-advised fund in The Trust to support the HOPE Program, where Anthony Lecator (Below) learned  computer skills to help land a good job.

Dick Moore is a partner specializing in trusts and estates at Duckworth and Moore in Manhattan. In practice for 35 years, he’s written wills for a lot of clients. And he’s helped set up funds in The Trust for several of them. He and his wife also have their own fund, as do his parents and children. Moore comes from a long line of philanthropists.

“The Trust offers a useful way to contribute highly appreciated assets,” says Moore, “but it’s also a good way to encourage children to be charitable.

“One effective estate planning approach is to provide a disclaimer in a will or other testamentary documents in favor of a donor-advised fund for an heir in The Trust. In large estates, the child can disclaim a portion of his or her inheritance, reducing estate taxes and giving the child an efficient vehicle for charitable gifts.”

Moore is also a fan of The Trust’s “variance power” for certain donors. The variance power allows The Trust’s board, after considerable review, to vary the purpose of an endowed designated or field-of-interest fund if, over time, it becomes impossible, impractical, unnecessary, or undesirable to continue making grants for the original purpose.

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