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Charitable Guidelines for the Year 2017

In accordance with the “Resolution and Declaration of Trust Creating ‘The New York Community Trust,’” the Certificate of Incorporation of Community Funds, Inc., and §1.507-2(a)(8)(iv)(A)(2)(ii) of Federal Income Tax Regulations, we hereby promulgate the following guidelines enumerating specific charitable needs consistent with the charitable purposes of the two organizations hereinafter referred to as “The Trust.” 

We seek to promote healthy lives, expand opportunities, strengthen families, develop children and youth, and create strong, vital communities. Our governing board has identified four categories of activity to carry out these objectives. They are summarized below. 

Healthy Lives

As health care changes, we’re helping providers deliver efficient, cost-effective services to all New Yorkers. The Trust supports projects that improve quality of care, strengthen health care providers, address costs and health disparities, and develop the skills and independence of people with special needs. We estimate that 15 to 20 percent of our budget will be spent in this area.

Promising Futures

Our grants build promising futures by helping young people prosper; providing job training and placement; making our educational and justice systems work for everyone; alleviating hunger and homelessness; improving family and child welfare services; and advancing the practice of social work.  We estimate that 45 to 55 percent will be spent in this area.  

Thriving Communities

We make grants to groups that protect and create affordable housing, promote equity in the arts, improve civic engagement, and protect our environment. We support agencies working on these issues at the neighborhood level, as well as government and nonprofit institutions developing strategies. We also support efforts to improve the functioning of nonprofits and government. We are allocating 20 to 30 percent of our budget in this area. 

Special Projects and Philanthropy

As a leading community foundation, our active participation in associations of grantmakers and charitable “watchdog” groups, our cooperative projects with other foundations, and our continuing dialogue with federal, state, and local government officials help assure that our resources are used strategically to address unmet needs, and leverage support for emerging issues. We are allocating five percent of our budget in this area.

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The New York Community Trust is a 501(c)3 public charity.