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Other Grants / August 2011

Giving Young People Opportunities To Succeed

  • The Door – A Center of Alternatives, $50,000 to help undocumented youth get permanent residency status so that they can get financial aid for college and become legally employable.
  • Futures and Options, $30,000 to add paid internships in media, accounting, and technology to a college-readiness program for high-school students.
  • Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, $125,000 for a career exploration program for girls attending low-performing middle schools in the Bronx. Read about project in the Wall Street Journal>>
  • Good Shepherd Services, $80,000 to expand a program that helps disadvantaged Brooklyn and Bronx teens go to college or find jobs.
  • New York Academy of Medicine, $75,000 to enhance a science and health career program for girls in middle schools.
  • Parsons The New School for Design, $186,000 to help minority high-school and college students study design and build portfolios.
  • ReServe Elder Service, $120,000 to use retirees to help students return to school after suspension or placement in foster care or homeless shelters.
  • Summer Matters, $125,000 to preserve 31 summer and school-year programs for middle-school students operating in poor neighborhoods. Read more>>

Helping Struggling New Yorkers

  • Center for Economic Opportunity, $100,000 to expand an incentive-based cash award and social service program in the Bronx. Read more about grants to CEO>>
  • City Harvest, $100,000 to make affordable fresh produce more available in Melrose and Mt. Hope in the Bronx, Stapleton on Staten Island, Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, and Manhattan’s Washington Heights.
  • Kids in Distressed Situations, $25,000 to distribute donated toys, clothing, and education materials to homeless children staying in shelters.
  • New York LawHelp Consortium, $50,000 to provide online legal resources for poor New Yorkers and training for community groups and library staff on the use of its website,

Strengthening Our City

  • Citizens Union Foundation of the City of New York, $70,000 for the ReShape New York Campaign, which advocates a fair redistricting process with independent oversight.
  • Fiscal Policy Institute, $100,000 to help the nonprofit sector understand City and State budgets.
  • Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, $125,000 to support and coordinate an awards program promoting excellence in nonprofit management.

Improving Education

  • Abyssinian Development Corporation, $100,000 to lengthen and restructure the school day at three central Harlem public schools.
  • Graduate Center of the City University of New York, $80,000 to start a program for newly arrived high-school students who are illiterate in their native language.

Bolstering the Arts

  • Brooklyn Academy of Music, $100,000 to strengthen small performing arts groups that are participating in a subsidized rental program for performance and rehearsal space.

Protecting Affordable Housing

  • Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development, $65,000 and Urban Homesteading Assistance (U-HAB), $65,000 for services and advocacy to prevent foreclosure of privately owned apartment buildings.
  • Center for New York City Neighborhoods, $40,000 to support foreclosure-prevention policy analysis and advocacy.

Keeping Mind and Body Healthy

  • Mental Health Association of New York City, $140,000 to develop and test protocols for integrating mental health services into primary care “medical homes.”
  • North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System Foundation, $100,000 to expand ActivityWorks, a fitness and learning program in elementary schools that addresses space and time limitations by bringing short, fun, and educational video-led exercise routines into the classroom. Read more about this program>>

Protecting Our Planet

  • Basel Action Network, $50,000 to stop our country’s export of toxic electronic waste to nations with weaker regulations.
  • Center for Climate Strategies, $100,000 to advance a cleaner, smarter national energy strategy.
  • Center for Working Families, $100,000 for a statewide residential energy retrofit and jobs program.
  • Clean Production Action, $75,000 for a partnership between businesses and nonprofit organizations to promote green chemistry.
  • Earthworks, $75,000 to minimize the hazardous effects of natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale region.
  • Multi-State Mercury Products Campaign, $75,000 to phase out the use of mercury in consumer products such as thermostats and light bulbs.
  • New York State Gas Drilling Protection Project, $150,000 to protect New York from damage caused by natural gas drilling.
  • State Alliance for Federal Reform of Chemicals Policy, $75,000 to advocate for stronger state and federal chemical policies to prevent environmental contamination and protect public health.
  • TEDX, $50,000 to provide scientific information to policymakers and environmentalists advocating for stronger regulations that make gas extraction safer.

Helping the Sick and Disabled

  • Adaptive Design Association, $60,000 to make customized adaptive wheelchairs and other equipment for disabled City children.
  • Amida Care, $75,000 to improve care for people with HIV/AIDS who struggle with mental health problems, homelessness, and substance abuse.
  • VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, $150,000 to upgrade Blindline, New York’s information and referral hotline system for the blind and visually impaired.

Caring for the Elderly

  • Medicare Rights Center, $80,000 to help elders understand and get the most out of Medicare.
  • Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, $50,000 to help five of its member agencies in low-income communities retool their operations to deal with growing demand for services and government funding cuts.
  • Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, $75,000 to improve the training of nursing and home health aides serving frail elders.
  • Selfhelp Community Services, $50,000 to provide legal help to elders to resolve Medicaid and Medicare problems.
  • United Neighborhood Houses of New York, $150,000 to help settlement houses adapt to reduced government funding, particularly for children and seniors.

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