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August 2013

Other Grants

At its most recent meeting, The Trust’s board approved 72 competitive grants totaling more than $7.1 million to organizations largely in the five boroughs. Our divisions, Long Island Community Foundation and Westchester Community Foundation, also make grants to improve life in the region.


Former gang members work with Man Up! in East New York to reach out to young people in or at risk of joining gangs, and to prevent violent flare-ups. To stem gang violence throughout the City, grants totaling $253,000 are funding neighborhood groups with “street cred”: King of Kings Foundation, Life Camp, New York City Mission Society, and Man Up!, in addition to the New York City Housing Authority, and Community Resource Exchange.



Toby and other puppet friends star in the Safe Touches program to teach elementary school kids the differences between safe and unsafe touches while reinforcing the message that abuse is never the child’s fault. A grant of $50,000 to the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is evaluating whether children retain and act on what they learned in the program.

Residents of Bedrock Park, an affordable apartment complex in Hunts Point, spruce up their park. MHANY Management bought the buildings out of foreclosure and renovated all 125 apartments. Grants of $65,000 to MHANY and Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association help stabilize low-income apartment buildings at risk of foreclosure in central Brooklyn and the South Bronx.




With the closure of a Pathmark in Two Bridges, Manhattan, residents are scrambling to buy groceries. Chinatown vendors are close, but a dearth of English and Spanish signage, questions about food stamp acceptance, and unfamiliar produce keep many locals away. With a $50,000 grant, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council works with vendors and residents to strengthen the local economy and communication between ethnic groups to expand access to fresh food.

Chapters from a Broken Novel (2010) by Julia Burrer and Alex Springer. A $50,000 grant to Doug Varone and Dancers will help start a new institute for young choreographers. Photo by Phil Knott

When the next storm hits, how will shore communities like Newtown Creek, on the border of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, fare? A $50,000 grant to the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance is bringing community groups, government, and businesses together to protect the City’s waterfront from storm contamination (not pictured).

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