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June 2013

More than 42,000 patients, including this little boy, are treated every year at the Wang Community Health Center.

Other Grants

Nonprofits Rebuild After Sandy
With a $200,000 gift from Newman’s Own Foundation, we are helping the following nonprofits repair their own facilities and serve their communities:

  • Blanche Community Progress Day Care Center, $10,000 | Far Rockaway, Queens
  • Broad Channel American Legion Post No. 1404, $10,000 | Broad Channel, Howard Beach, Far Rockaway, Queens
  • Dewitt Reformed Church Head Start, $10,000 | Lower East Side, Manhattan
  • Eyebeam Atelier, $12,500 | Chelsea, Manhattan
  • Five Towns Community Center, $12,500 | Nassau County, Long Island
  • Good Old Lower East Side, $12,500 | Manhattan
  • Grand Street Settlement, $10,000 | Lower East Side, Manhattan; Bushwick, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Hamilton-Madison House, $10,000 | Chinatown, Lower East Side, Manhattan
  • Hudson Guild, $10,000 | Chelsea, Clinton, Manhattan
  • Jewish Community Council of the Rockaway Peninsula, $10,000 | The Rockaways, Queens
  • The Kitchen, $12,500 | Chelsea, Manhattan
  • Long Beach Latino Civic Association, $12,500 | Nassau County, Long Island
  • Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, $12,500 | Long Island City, Queens
  • Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation, $12,500 | The Rockaways, Queens
  • Rockaway Artists Alliance, $12,500 | Arverne, Belle Harbor, Breezy Point, Broad Channel, Roxbury, Neponset, Queens
  • Solid Rock Seventh Day Adventist Church, $10,000 | Far Rockaway, Queens
  • Two Bridges Neighborhood Council, $10,000 | Lower East Side, Manhattan
  • You Are Never Alone (YANA), $10,000 | The Rockaways, Queens

Jobs for Youth

Without work experience or an education, unemployed and out-of-school youth need help to compete in the City’s labor market. The following grants support programs that work closely with employers to make sure young people are equipped with the skills and experience that allow them to compete.

  • East Harlem Employment Service, $95,000 for a paid internship program and other job services tailored to unemployed youth. | East Harlem, Manhattan
  • JobsFirstNYC, $200,000 for the new Young Adult Sectorial Employment Project, which will award grants to several groups to provide industry-specific training for unemployed youth. | Citywide
  • Year Up, $80,000 to expand a paid internship program at Google, JPMorgan Chase, Facebook, and Goldman Sachs for unemployed New York City youth. | Citywide

Making It to Graduation Day

Off the ice, these girls work just as hard in Figure Skating in Harlem’s academic program—developing critical thinking, grammar, multimedia, and research skills.

  • Borough of Manhattan Community College Foundation, $150,000 to improve retention and graduation of minority students, particularly young women. | Manhattan
  • Figure Skating in Harlem, $50,000 to enhance academic instruction and college guidance at a figure skating program for girls. | Harlem, Manhattan
  • Fresh Air Fund, $40,000 to enhance an SAT and college preparation program for disadvantaged students who attend the Fund’s summer camps. | Citywide
  • Good Shepherd Services, $60,000 to enhance Groundwork for Success, a four-year college preparation program for youth. | Bedford-Stuyvesant, East New York, Brooklyn
  • Graduate Center of the City University of New York, $55,000 to help first-generation college students matriculate. | Citywide
  • Sadie Nash Leadership Project, $50,000 to add a college-bound program to its six-week summer leadership academy that teaches girls about women’s and human rights issues, democracy, and the environment. | Citywide

LGBT Community

  • Center for Anti-Violence Education, $25,000 to bring an anger-management program for homeless gay youth—created with prior Trust support—to a program for HIV-positive youth and to an emergency shelter. | South Bronx; Jamaica, Queens; Clinton and Harlem, Manhattan
  • Griot Circle, $40,000 to strengthen an agency serving gay and lesbian elders of color. | Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
  • New York Civil Liberties Union Foundation, $70,000 to help gay men and lesbians understand their legal rights. | Citywide

An Investment in Child Care

  • Campaign for Children, $50,000 for a new coalition of 100 groups that promotes investment in public child-care and after-school programs. | Citywide
  • Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health, $149,000 to train teachers in publicly funded day care programs to teach language skills, involve parents, and use materials that help them observe children’s progress. | Citywide

Smarter Spending

  • Human Services Council of New York City, $80,000 to promote cost and time savings in government-funded human services. | Statewide
  • Public Policy and Education Fund of New York, $60,000 to enable statewide civic and advocacy groups working in Albany to share technology and other resources. | Statewide

Putting Foreclosed Buildings in Better Hands

  • Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development, and Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (U-HAB), $65,000 each to transfer apartment buildings in foreclosure to responsible owners. | Citywide

Better Living Through Safer Chemistry

  • Clean and Healthy New York, $50,000 to build grassroots support for federal and State chemical policy reform, including the passage of the Safe Chemical Act. | National
  • Clean Production Action, $100,000 for BizNGO and GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, two programs—developed with prior Trust support—that connect businesses and nonprofit organizations to promote green chemistry and safer products. | National

Garbage In, Garbage Out

  • Lower East Side Ecology Center, $50,000 to support an electronics recycling program that reduces the amount of toxic chemicals entering landfills. | Citywide
  • New York Public Interest Research Group Fund, $50,000 to prevent the construction of experimental and potentially toxic trash incinerators and promote environmentally sustainable and equitable solutions for dealing with the City’s waste. | Citywide

Helping Green Businesses in The Bronx

  • Green Worker, $50,000 to help worker-owned cooperatives involved in recycling, energy conservation, and other green efforts build their businesses. | Bronx
  • Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, $50,000 to expand the number of Bronx contractors that can retrofit buildings to be more energy efficient. | Bronx

Respect for the Planet

  • Forest Stewardship Council U.S., $100,000 to increase consumer demand for wood and paper products harvested using environmentally sustainable methods. | National
  • Nature Conservancy, $200,000 to reduce damage from extreme weather caused by climate change by identifying wetlands and other natural features that protect waterfront areas. | Tri-state region
  • Natural Resources Defense Council, $100,000 to promote post-Sandy rebuilding and disaster protection approaches that respect nature and protect public health. | Citywide
  • Pesticide Action Network North America, $50,000 to expand the market for crops grown without hazardous pesticides. | National
  • Riverkeeper, $50,000 to protect the City’s drinking water by monitoring land use and conservation in its watersheds.| Regional
  • Sierra Club Foundation, $100,000 for the Green Fleets campaign, which aims to persuade U.S. businesses to reduce the amount of oil they use for vehicle fleets, shipping, business travel, and employee commuting. | National

Arts and Artists

  • ArtHome, $50,000 to send artists to entrepreneur boot camp to improve their finances through workshops on financial literacy, homeownership, self-sufficiency, and the responsible use of credit. | Citywide
  • Cool Culture, $50,000 to help 15 museums serve poor three-, four-, and five-year-olds and their families from every borough. | Citywide
  • HB Studio, $25,000 for an online registration system for low-cost acting, playwriting, directing, and improvisation classes. | Citywide
  • Trust for Governors Island, $25,000 to start, market, and attract funding for a permanent public art program that will illuminate the history of the island. | Governors Island

Preserving History, Right Now

  • Heritage Preservation, $130,000 to help the City’s cultural institutions prepare for future disasters. | Citywide
  • New York Landmarks Conservancy, $75,000 for emergency repairs of historic buildings owned by nonprofits. | Citywide
  • NYC Landmarks50 Advisory Committee, $50,000 for programs marking the 2015 50th year anniversary of the Landmarks Law and to coordinate a historic preservation campaign. | Citywide

Legal Help for People in Need

  • Association of the Bar of the City of New York Fund, $160,000 to expand pro bono legal assistance for poor New Yorkers facing bankruptcy. | Citywide
  • CUNY School of Law Foundation, $70,000 to provide legal help to tenants facing eviction. | Citywide

Help for Immigrants

  • Fund for New Citizens, $200,000 for our foundation collaborative that assists immigrants and refugees in New York. | Citywide
  • New York Immigration Coalition, $90,000 to ensure that New York State’s health insurance exchange meets the needs of immigrants. | Statewide

Health Jobs and Services

  • Center for Urban Community Services, $100,000 to add new primary care services to a mental health treatment program for formerly homeless, mentally ill adults. | Citywide
  • Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, $75,000 to develop the first portal in the nation that enables Chinese-speaking patients to access their medical records. | Chinatown, Manhattan
  • Community Health Care Association of New York State, $120,000 to train workers for community health center nursing, administrative, and managerial jobs. | Citywide
  • Disability Rights Advocates, $50,000 to make City polling sites accessible to people with visual and physical disabilities. Citywide
  • Mental Health Association of New York City, $125,000 to expand mental health in primary care facilities that provide patient-centered care to those with multiple health problems. Citywide
  • Southern New York Association, $100,000 to help veterans get jobs in nursing homes. | Citywide
  • UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, $100,000 to improve the training of home health aides in order to improve the quality of care for homebound elders.| Citywide

Elderly Help Their Neighborhoods Eat Healthier

Elders and youth provide fresh produce from gardens and farmstands they run through The Trust’s Healthy Food, Healthy Communities program. Photo courtesy of Queens Community House

  • BronxWorks, $65,000 to train elders in public housing to build community gardens and distribute food. | South Bronx
  • Just Food, $50,000 to operate an elder food project on Staten Island and strengthen elder-led healthy food projects run by grantees in other boroughs. | Staten Island, Citywide
  • Queens Community House, $65,000 to train elders in public housing to build community gardens and distribute food. | Queens
  • Myrtle Avenue Commercial Revitalization and Development Project LDC, $30,000 to train elders in public housing to build community gardens and distribute food. | Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
  • United Community Centers, $30,000 to train elders to run and promote community gardens. | Brooklyn
  • United Neighborhood Houses of New York, $80,000 to coordinate an effort that uses elders to improve the availability of healthy food in poor communities. | Citywide

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