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February 2015 | Grants Newsletter

QUICK VIEW | A Sampling of New Grants

Donors’ bequests are now helping redefine poverty, study children’s bone cancer, and more. Details about our 51 latest grants here.

HOLDING ON: Last year, our grant to New Visions for Public Schools helped train teams of teachers and principals in three schools to boost student achievement while improving faculty retention. It worked. Our new $160,000 grant will expand this team approach (left) to eight more schools.



CONNECTING COMMUNITIES: The A train runs along the spine of the Rockaway peninsula, and the area underneath is an eyesore. Two previous grants, plus a new grant of $50,000, to Rockaway Waterfront Alliance help plan and build support for a bike and pedestrian corridor to link neighborhoods along the peninsula. Right: a rendering of the corridor.

UNDERSTANDING DIABETES: Part of our $90,000 grant to the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University supports research by Rebecca Haeusler (left) into how diabetes causes heart disease and stroke. Funding also supports another researcher’s work using stem cells to create new insulin-producing cells in patients with diabetes.

BALANCING ACT: Students at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (left) are often the first in their families to attend college. Our past grants helped enroll hundreds in Freshman Learning Academy, which gives academic and social support to students juggling school, jobs, and family. Our new grant of $115,000 expands the program beyond freshman year. Photo: Louis Chan

NO ROOM: Hoarding is a little-discussed problem among seniors suffering from depression and other mental disorders. Cramming objects into an apartment is a fire hazard and can lead to eviction. EIS Housing Resource Center is using our $40,000 for cleaning, psychiatric referrals, and free legal help for seniors facing eviction. Above: The apartment of a hoarding senior before EIS intervened.

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