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Education, Arts, and Human Justice

Human Justice


When a Lawyer is the Only Hope


Fighting for Veterans


Legalize Me



Keeping the DREAM Alive

Emergency grants help young undocumented immigrants go to school and get jobs legally.


Helping the City Help Its Veterans

The Arts


3 Questions for Arts Program Officer Kerry McCarthy


Keeping the Lights On Off Broadway


A BRIC House Bursting with Performance


Nourishing New York's Cultural Roots


85,000 Sq. Ft. of Art Making


Art Worthy of Kings (County)


Jazz Greats as They Were Meant to be Heard


Affordable Live/Work Space for Artists
(no this is not an internet scam)


Supporting documentaries that would make Pare Lorentz proud


The Legacy of Madame Anna E. Schoen-Rene

The story of an opera singer who didn't let tuberculosis stop her from creating a classical music legacy in America.>>

Supporting the Arts in Good Times and Bad

The show must go on, and not just to take our minds off the economy.




Meeting Common Core Standards with the Arts


How to Search for the Perfect High School - Just for You


Mending the Classroom Class Divide


Grants at Work Video: The Internationals Network for Public Schools


Grants at Work Video: Manhattan New Music Project


Three-Years-Old, Not Talking Yet, In Need of Advocate

 Teaching Matters  

Helping Principals Lead


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