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Designated Funds

If you are firmly committed to supporting specific charities, you should consider making your gifts directly to those charities. But a designated fund may be preferable for some donors. You name the charity or charities you'd like to benefit; we take care of the investments, and regularly pay grants to the charities you've named.

If the charity goes out of business, changes its mission, or should a future board determine that circumstances have changed so as to "render unnecessary, undesirable, impractical, or impossible continued support," we'll redirect funds to other charities without losing time or depleting the fund with expensive court proceedings. This authority of our board, called the variance power, is an attractive feature to donors who have established funds in perpetuity and donors who have set up funds for narrow purposes but understand that the future is unpredictable. A committee of our board will carefully review the facts before recommending any change to the full board.

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