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Donor-Advised Funds

William Donnell, founder and advisor of a donor-advised fund in The Trust.

"The staff at The Trust have helped me refine my personal response to the City's needs. I can't give to every good cause, but I can be part of the solution in specific areas.

When I established my donor-advised fund, they took a look at the areas where I'd been most involved, and helped me evaluate specific nonprofits. The red flags and green lights they’ve offered in response to my suggestions have empowered me to make the most of what I can do.

In due time, a good portion of my estate will go to The Trust because I believe these people are uniquely qualified to address New York's needs."

It's simple: You make grant recommendations to charities of your choice; we vet the nonprofits, write the checks, and handle the reporting.

A donor-advised fund offers many advantages. It gives you:

  • The services of a professional grantmaking, financial, and investment staff of a $2 billion institution;
  • An immediate tax deduction without having to make quick decisions about which charities you want to support;
  • The maximum deduction allowed by law;
  • The opportunity to build an endowment over time;
  • Modest fees.

While the recommendations can't be binding (under Internal Revenue Service rules, our board—and the boards of similar organizations—has the final say), we take the suggestions very seriously.

Our board has established broad guidelines for suggestion approval, assuring rapid processing of each grant, which bears the name of your fund.

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