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Instructions for Creating a Fund

Once you have decided that The New York Community Trust is the right place for you, setting up a fund now or by will is easy.

To make a gift today:

  • Contact our general counsel, Jane Wilton at (212) 686-2563, about the kind of fund you are interested in. She will give you a copy of the fund agreement. 
  • Fill in the missing information in the fund agreement:
    • The fund name you have decided on (please don't use initials only).
    • The asset you are giving (e.g., $150,000 or 600 shares of XYZ Corp. stock).
    • If it is a donor-advised fund, the names of the other advisors who may recommend grants.
  • For funds with a specific purpose, please discuss them with Jane Wilton, and if the purpose is mutually agreed upon, fill in the fund purpose.
  • Sign and date two original fund agreements and mail them, with your contribution, to us at 909 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022. (If you are contributing stock, ask to have stock transfer instructions sent to you.)
  • As soon as we accept the fund agreement, we will return a fully executed counterpart for your records.

For a bequest:

  • Contact Jane Wilton at (212) 686 - 2563 for language for your will for the kind of fund you are interested in.
  • Insert any missing information, such as fund name and fund purpose.
  • For funds with a specific purpose, please discuss with Jane Wilton before executing your will.

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