COVID-19 Response | The New York Community Trust

Here's How
You Can Help During
the COVID-19 Pandemic


The New York Community Trust is responding to the needs of New Yorkers and the nonprofits that serve them during this devastating COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a nonprofit seeking funding, please click here. If you are interested in donating, we invite you to give in one, or all, of the following three ways:

The NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund 

This collaborative fund was created to aid nonprofit service providers struggling with the effects of the coronavirus. It is giving grants and loans to NYC-based nonprofits trying to meet the new and urgent needs that are hitting the city. Priority will be given to nonprofits addressing essential healthcare and food insecurity as well as arts and culture because New York is the cultural capital of the nation. Your gift will help these nonprofits with a variety of needs, including protective equipment, cleaning supplies, technological assistance, and support for financial losses.

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The New York Community Trust Emergency Fund

This fund will help New Yorkers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting a wide array of nonprofits providing critical services on the ground now and in the future. Your donation to this fund will help our city’s most vulnerable, including people whose jobs have disappeared, and are threatened by losing access to food, shelter, health care. The Fund will also be able to pivot and support nonprofits addressing unforeseen needs in the future as the pandemic continues to overturn people’s lives. The Trust’s own professional grantmaking staff will oversee financial support to vital organizations that provide health care, housing, food, job training, and other support to those in need.

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Give to Local Nonprofits

New York nonprofits that are on the front lines of providing aid to New York’s most-vulnerable are hurting. Revenue streams from fundraising events, classes, and ticket sales have dried up while the demand for their services escalates. Hospitals and schools are being asked to transform their operations on a moment’s notice. Consider an extra gift right now to the nonprofits you already support. You can quickly and easily give through your MyNYCT account. For suggestions on where to give, please contact us.